routine fail

December 7, 2012

things that i want to do in the evenings right now:
[after a goes to bed]

let’s see . . .

❏ snuggle on the couch
❏ make a relatively easy dinner [preferably something warm + comforting]
❏ catch up on my favorite blogs + tv shows
❏ work on holiday projects [gifts, photos, etc]
❏ talk to friends/family
❏ read
❏ write

things that i absolutely do not want to do in the evenings right now:

i’m not sure if it’s the darkness, the winter weather, or just that i’m TIRED of my current routine — but it just isn’t working for me anymore.  up about a month ago, i was happy running in the evenings.  it wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t feel wrong or ridiculous.  annabel was sleeping so unpredictably that morning runs were unthinkable, and i couldn’t bear the thought of getting out of bed before i absolutely needed to.

but things have changed.
lots of things!  and one major change has been that a is generally in her bed until 6:30 or beyond.  of course, there are odd mornings where she pops up at 5:45 and that’s IT.  and i still nurse her at the 4-5am hour when she wakes up and asks for it [in her own language, of course].  but lately she’s been going back to bed after her early AM feeing, and so have i.

most mornings i then get up and think: huh, i wish i had used that morning time to run.  but up until now, i haven’t done it — and instead i’m faced with the treadmill at 8pm when really all i want to do is watch glee and eat delicious chicken pot pie on the couch.

i think it’s time to shift things and really try rearranging my day to bring back morning workouts.  starting tomorrow.  i realize this will mean enforcing an early bedtime, but i’m fine with that.  i will give the AM run routine a try for at least the next 3 weeks [21 days to a habit, right?].  after that, i’ll reassess.

oh, and i signed up for this:

march 17.  and the half, NOT the full — i don’t think i will run 26.2 again until annabel and her [hopefully] future sibling[s] are in school.  and i’m okay with that!

training starts monday!  now to pick a plan . . .

[ps: sadly, part of the reason i signed up is that it doesn’t look like i will be able to do the charlottesville half, logistically speaking.  i don’t have any vacation days, and therefore i’d have to do the 3 hour drive LATE on friday night.  however, i will be planning a trip up on another weekend — and i still hope to go back for that race some day!  it’s absolutely one of my favorites.]

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