December 2, 2012

what is this strange feeling?

could i possibly be feeling . . . RESTED!?

[might as well make note of it since i realize it may not last]

amazing recent happenings:

a has had 4 nights in a row of amazing sleep!  she only had one night of making it all the way through, but for the past 3 she has just gotten up once to eat between 4 – 5:30, and then has been SLEEPING after that until just after 7.  and, since i’ve been in bed between 9:30 and 10, i think this alone is why i am currently feeling on-top-of-the-world fabulous.  SLEEP IS SO GOOD.

 we both had a great time on our first stroller run:

4.5 miles in just over 45 minutes.  
i definitely had to slow it down but feel like i got a workout equal to a ~9 min/mi run

no one is injured and no one is sick in this household.  [for the moment.]

 i actually started reading a book!  i’m about 3 pages in, but so far it’s good.

✩ a enjoyed her first duke game [and we won]

 they ran out of cheddar biscuits at parker and otis BUT had lemon poppyseed scones to sub instead [i love scones.  they are my absolute favorite baked good.]  and, other than this i’m doing better with the whole excessive sugar / junky food thing.

 it’s 6:49 pm and i’m DONE with laundry, stocked up on groceries, and halfway finished with baby food prep for the week.  it’s so nice not to feel like i’m behind and racing to catch up.

 it’s going to be a busy week, but i feel armed and ready for it.  and, i’m even set for dinners for the week — i actually decided to get a week’s worth of dinners from foster’s market — they have a ‘family dinners’ program where you get 5 prepared meals for $100.  locals: i’ll definitely let you know how it is.

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