HP report: week 1

January 7, 2014

1) blog ‘outage’:  apparently my site went down over the weekend!  i am not sure why although i think it had to do with renewing my domain name.  i attempted to do it yesterday so hopefully all will be well.  [if anyone ever sees that again – email me!  if i ever do stop blogging i promise i would never just disappear into a puff of cybersmoke].

2) HP update!  as promised, here’s report #1 — as it’s monday.  we had quite a whirlwind weekend [and i was fairly busy on call] PLUS this was a short week, but i already have a few tidbits to report.

by area: [the overall month’s theme is TIME]

1) work on eliminating rushing.  on one hand, i feel like this was not a very quantifiable goal — oops.  on the other, i do feel like i have been fairly successful with this — at least at times.  today, i was in a patient room dealing with something particularly challenging, and things were taking seemingly forever.  i actually remembered to consciously channel the most calm energy i possibly could, and hopefully made the most out of that [rather long] visit.

by choosing not to rush, the entire encounter felt less harried and more effective.  and i felt physically better while it was happening.

2) eliminate time sinks.  CHECK!  again, i need to make this one more concrete.  how about:  log onto facebook no more than once daily [and from my home computer, NOT phone] and peruse blogs [the few i have left in my reader!] only purposefully and not as ‘filler’.

the biggest help here was just taking the FB app off of my phone and drastically whittling down my blog roster.  so far, i miss nothing.  success – for week 1, anyway.  although i don’t feel like i’ve uncovered any vast swathes of time.  yet.

3) plan for breaks – including setting aside ~2 hrs each weekend as relaxation/me time.
meh.  i had to work a lot this weekend, which meant that time was limited — even during time that was supposed to be a break.  we had 2 great date nights [2!!!] so i can’t complain, but i did spend the afternoon our babysitter was here answering pages, paying bills and doing paperwork.  not exactly the relaxation i had in mind . . . i think this was in part poor planning.

4) dedicate time to josh/me for US.  including unplugged dinners when he is home.  yes.  aforementioned date nights, plus some nice dinners [although sadly he had to run right back to work after we ate tonight — sigh].

5) fill free time with worthwhile things:  i just don’t feel like i HAD much free time this past week, which is understandable since i was on call.  i didn’t even run this weekend, which is a rarity for me!  the date nights do count for something, though, plus i finished writing overdue thank you notes AND finished the history of love [loooooved].

back later this week with a planner post . . . since it IS january and all.

current favorite ‘toy’
brunch @ the big pink
[she picked out that outfit.  wouldn’t have been my choice but whatever.]
heat game.  i zoomed in specifically because dwayne wade was wearing awesome striped shoes, but sadly it’s hard to see here.

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