Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by.

– I work as a pediatric endocrinologist in South Florida — currently at 60% time.  If you are a patient (or the parent of a patient, etc) who will be seeing me soon, hello!  I look forward to meeting you.  Don’t worry — it’s totally okay to tell me that you googled and found this space.  I will own it 🙂

– I love podcasting and speaking!  I began my podcasting journey with Best of Both Worlds (cohosted with Laura Vanderkam) in 2017, and Best Laid Plans — about all things planning + planning-adjacent — came next in 2020.  Interested in having me speak to inspire your audience to find more joy + peace in life through planning?  Let me know!

– I am a slightly obsessive list-maker and life-planner.  My planning rituals & tools are near and dear to my heart, and for years have been using a Hobonichi Techo Cousin planner.  I think planning is the key to . . . well, most things!  I LOVE PLANNING and hope I can get you to love it, too.

– I am married to Josh (surgeon, father, and husband extraordinaire) and have 3 children:  Annabel (born 2012), Cameron (born 2014), and Genevieve (end of 2017)!

This is us in 2019, our last round of professional pictures.  Will get on that!

Places I am proud to have been featured:  

The New York Times

The Strategist

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The Mom Hour (2020, 2021 and 2022!)

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PedsDocTalk (coming soon!)

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About this Space:

In this space, I write about my family, my experience as a working mother, planning techniques & products, and life.  I have been writing here since 2004!  Yes, things have changed a lot since then.  Please excuse my post-adolescent angst and all lowercase writing style if you end up perusing the archives.

I never share patient stories — this site is HIPAA compliant!  It is censored in that I am well aware that it is public.

If you have a question, you can always leave a comment or email me.  Please be aware I cannot provide medical advice over the internet.