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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


Medicine, the Patriarchy, and My EPIC Inbox

So in the midst of the sleep-related comments (will report back on that in a few days), a kind reader forwarded me this blog post, which references this article. It ended up in the comments, but I wanted to bring it front and center…

August 18, 2022

Sleep & Your Comments

JUST WOW. I can’t tell you how valuable your comments were yesterday. Even though there were differing opinions, every single one of them was valuable to me (and I hope to some of you struggling with similar issues!). I can’t tell you that last…

August 17, 2022


I am torn between feeling: a) accepting that G will not fall asleep on her own for the next ~5-6 years. I mean, I can just read a book in her room! It’s not THAT bad right?! b) desperate for her to just GO…

August 16, 2022
Travel Weekend

HOME / Prep for Back to School

Back! Our trip was Saturday – Saturday and the length/intensity felt right to us this time! To recap, we did: 1 day / 2 nights Universal Studios 1 day Kennedy Space Center 4 days / 5 nights Amelia Island okay mostly i just wanted…

August 14, 2022

5 on a Friday: Amelia Island Edition

1- During afternoon down time (after submitting my big work project, yay!) I took a deep dive down the rabbit hole of a listener-recommended YouTube Channel: ColorCodedChaos. Her systems are somewhat similar to mine, but the tools she uses are different — specifically the…

August 12, 2022

Vac Days 3-5: Space Coast + Amelia Island

Monday: We drove from Orlando to Cape Canaveral (just about 1 hour) to visit Kennedy Space Center! Josh has been wanting to make this trip for quite some time and I kept resisting because I felt like would be a total pain — but…

August 11, 2022
Travel Weekend

5 on a Friday: Summer Vac Anticipation Edition

1- Three podcasts this week about digital minimalism / social media break / etc: Deep Questions: Ep #207, A Digital Minimalism Intervention The Best Today Podcast: One month off of social media, here’s one thing I learned Life Kit: How to know when you…

August 5, 2022