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Getting @*& Done

Gwinne flatteringly called me fabulous in her recent post, but for the record: I get behind, too. I am looking at my Q1 goals list and “tsk”-ing to myself about some of the things that didn’t happen. HELLO 2017 photobook, someday you will come…

March 19, 2019
The Podcast

5 on a Friday: School Update, Time, and More

1- Time Change Woes. How is everyone doing with this? It’s been a mixed bag over here. Despite being over 5 days in, last night the two big kids would. not. go. to. bed, and each morning getting them up for school is like…

March 15, 2019

Time Blocking & Admin

I really like my organization system. It really works. I haven’t changed much in the past year, but I did recently come across some old HTCs (Hobonichi Techo Cousins!) and it made me realize that I have definitely honed things significantly over the years.…

March 13, 2019

Weekend // Etc

Another weekend in the books! I semi-documented it in Instagram Stories again, under the Weekend 2 highlight if you are curious – the Stories medium really is perfect for a play-by-play/day-in-the-life sort of thing. Sometimes it hits me that these family weekends are finite.…

March 11, 2019
Fashion Reading

5 on a Friday (mostly superficial edition)

1- I am returning the bathing suits from yesterday’s post. Neither were perfect and while I actually liked the one piece more than you all did, I realized that it might cause some horrific sun exposure issues. Plus, as I mentioned the top support…

March 8, 2019

Ups & Downs

Maybe it’s a post-vacation thing (that weekend away was short, but it was much-anticipated and a big change of scenery/routine). Maybe my hormones are coming back (I am prone to PMS and honestly could probably even say PMDD), though I’m still nursing and in…

March 7, 2019
Travel Weekend

Weekend Report: Date Weekend Edition

Josh and I had not travelled sans kids since G was born. More specifically, I think our last couples trip was a weekend mini-getaway embedded into our family vacation in June of 2017, when I was pregnant with G (and feeling like trash!). Kacey…

March 4, 2019
Goals Reading

It’s MARCH (& 5 on a Friday)

1- OMG how is it March? I can’t be the only one who turned the page in my planner and literally gasped. Didn’t 2019 just start? Didn’t February just start? Apparently not. We are 16% of the way through already. The month passed by…

March 1, 2019

State of the Blog

WordPress migration and site redesign – mostly complete!Β Β Still working on comment migration (I cannot lose your precious insights, even the ones from 2010!). (Amanda continues to work on this; I am glad I did not attempt to do it myself!) Ad network switch –…

February 27, 2019

Weekend Highs & Lows

I felt really triumphant about my recent solo parenting weekend, so one might think a lovely weekend in which both Josh and I were off would be easy peasy (lemon squeezy!), right? MEH. On the positive side, we celebrated Cameron’s birthday at Chuck E…

February 26, 2019