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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

Travel Weekend

5 on a Friday: Summer Vac Anticipation Edition

1- Three podcasts this week about digital minimalism / social media break / etc: Deep Questions: Ep #207, A Digital Minimalism Intervention The Best Today Podcast: One month off of social media, here’s one thing I learned Life Kit: How to know when you…

August 5, 2022
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Planner News & Headaches

OMG HOBONICHI!!!!!!! When I posted yesterday, I hadn’t seen this update — but here it is! So many of you have been interested in Hobonichi but intimidated by the Japanese language aspect. This much-awaited and wished-for version is so exciting! I never minded the…

August 3, 2022
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Time Tracking Month

I thought this month would be a good one for time tracking, since it contains a variety of kinds of days, and because I thought it would bring some awareness and clarity as we build our back-to-school routines in a couple of weeks. I…

August 2, 2022
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SUNDAY report

DONE: 6 mi long(ish) run. Felt decent despite 80F / 82% humidity. (Also a 20 min Strength for Runners class and a 20 min yoga class on the Peloton app, a ‘stack’ on Saturday.) activity signups (to the extent possible) and uniform purchases. Annabel…

July 31, 2022
Parenting Weekend

Saturday List

Happenings: G has gymnastics. I will be bringing the other two with me to spectate. Maybe I will try to get them to do a few pages of their school packets while there. I will be reading The Hotel Nantucket which is juicy +…

July 30, 2022
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5 on a Friday

1- I did not finish everything on July’s list, but I read a lot of books! My favorite was Lessons in Chemistry. Just thinking about the characters makes me smile right now. I also loved watching Ted Lasso! Cannot wait for Season 3. I…

July 29, 2022
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Activities Follow Up & August is Coming

Activities Follow Up Will definitely do an ‘activities logistics’ ep of some kind on BOBW. I wanted to throw a few things out that have made things doable in our care: 1- Doube up when possible. A&C did horseback riding and art at the…

July 28, 2022
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Activities Past & Present

Interesting discussion re: activities! I definitely think my kids are still in those exploratory years where they are trying things. And while there are absolutely 8 and 10 year olds out there who are passionate about (and dedicated towards) one sport or musical instrument,…

July 27, 2022