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COVID19 Weekend

Day 13: Typical COVID Saturday

3 Good Things: 1- Josh said I was “good at Burpees”! This made my day. He has been doing some of the 21 Day Fix workouts with me and it has been fun. 2- I had a terrible and very vivid dream last night…

March 28, 2020
COVID19 life

Day 12: Hodge Podge

First, I wanted to share this link: That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief — shared in the comments by reader L (a nurse) yesterday. It definitely hit home for me, and somehow made me feel a bit better. Yesterday I looked at the page…

March 27, 2020
COVID19 Work

Day 11: Tired

Today’s post will be short, because I have a 7 AM conference call. Josh is supposed to be on it too (pitfalls of working for the same employer!) and we have hired Annabel to watch G and get her breakfast if she wakes up.…

March 26, 2020
COVID19 life Parenting Work

Day 10: Telemed & A Few Normal Things

Work I will be officially starting my telemed practice this morning! I have just 3 patients scheduled as a pilot. Today, I’ll do this from the office, just in case there is troubleshooting needed with the staff (many of which are not yet working…

March 25, 2020
COVID19 Planners Work

Day 9: Full Focus?

Yesterday was my first day using the latest version of the Full Focus Planner. I sort of hate to admit it as a Hobonichi die-hard, but . . . I kind of liked it. (I KNOW.) There is a ton of space, and I…

March 24, 2020
COVID19 Fitness Parenting

Day 8: Spring Break Begins (or not)

Spring break was supposed to start today! This is a little sad, but also good because it means that I have no patients scheduled for the week (I was supposed to be off) and neither does Josh. It gives us time to continue adjusting…

March 23, 2020
COVID19 Fashion Parenting Planners

Day 7: Strategizing & Randomness

Changing planners, for me, was a good move. You know all of those color coded schedules? (Or even the analog version I posted)? They are great, and to some extent helpful, when they are realistic. But . . . THEY ARE ONLY SHOWING THE…

March 22, 2020
COVID19 Planners

Day 6: Morning Reflection

I think I might . . . switch planners for a little while!? I know, random. And not really a Big Deal. But I think I might. I keep seeing the plans I made in my Hobonichi, and it just makes me sad. Next…

March 21, 2020
COVID19 Work

Day 5: Seeking Comfort

Will I keep titling the posts “Day ###” when we are in the 20s and beyond? I guess I will have to make that decision down the road. I do feel like I am documenting some journey — one that will hopefully END —…

March 20, 2020
COVID19 Parenting Work

Day 4: Some Thoughts

I had a very bad day yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. A list of thoughts. No other format seems right this morning. 1- No one really knows what the right thing to do is. Since this event in unprecedented, there’s . . .…

March 19, 2020