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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


Current Goings On

Somehow, the end of February is upon us. HOW did this happen!? I feel like the past few weeks have been a slog, yet they have also flown. It has been A Month, from my perspective. I’ve had a mix of parenting stress /…

February 27, 2024

Savoring a Normal Day

Things savored yesterday: 50 degree weather on a run (with running friends). I wore leggings which is such a rarity (though I did end up ditching my long sleeved top, so it was long pants + a tank). BUT STILL. A full but manageable…

February 22, 2024
Habits life

Thoughts on Deep Questions Ep on Confronting Your Phone

I really enjoyed this week’s Deep Questions episode because it was timely for me and really made me think. As usual, I didn’t find myself nodding in agreement with everything Cal said, but that made it all the more useful — I could think…

February 21, 2024

C = 10!

10 FACTS ABOUT C In honor of this day! #10: He was born ON HIS DUE DATE (birth story)! I guess that’s also sort of a fact about me, but how cool is that? Both girls were 2 days late, so his timeliness was…

February 20, 2024
Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep# 186: Handling the Minutiae

Today’s deep dive episode was inspired by a listener question below: “I’m so curious how you handle all the minutia and small to-dos of daily life. I have 3 kids, a full-time in-office job, and also have a side hustle crafting-based business. It seems…

February 19, 2024

A1A Race Report

SOOOO tired right now but I will share some details from today! The short version: I PR’d!! My PR was from 2007, 1:46:55 at the OBX Half Marathon. Today my official time was 1:46:15, so yay! However, here are some details in bullet point…

February 18, 2024

Chill Saturday + Pre-Race Stuff

Calm before the storm . . . Tomorrow features my half marathon, 2 soccer games, and probably a lot of rain. Today featured a short li’l shakeout run, a soccer tournament game (C’s team WON 2-1 and he scored one of the goals! Wins…

February 17, 2024

5 on a Friday: Variety Edition

1- EVERYONE AROUND ME IS OR HAS RECENTLY BEEN SICK. Thus far, I am fine. Will I make it to the starting line of my half marathon unscathed on Sunday? I keep hoping! Trying not to be too distracted thinking about it, but it’s…

February 16, 2024