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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans



Well, we own a home now. For better or for worse. I overall feel good about it. I think it was the right financial decision (mortgage interest rates still low, rents going way up in our area, uncertainty about inflation, not planning on changing…

January 14, 2022

Current Kid Obsessions That I Actually Enjoy

1- The Thundermans. Is it slightly embarrassing to admit that I actually kind of like watching this show (from Nickelodeon, but currently available on Netflix)? Perhaps. But whatever, it’s a big deal. This show keeps the attention of all 3 of the kids AND…

January 11, 2022
life Weekend

Saturday at ZooMiami

Yesterday was downright pleasant. Josh and I were BOTH OFF (which felt like a novelty, it’s been a while!). And they let us sleep in — I didn’t get up until 8:00 which for me is downright ridiculous. G&C quietly watched Free Willy until…

January 9, 2022
Goals life

5 on a Friday: first 2022 edition

1- Completely honored to be part of this Mom Hour episode today! It was particularly thrilling because I got to chat with Christine Koh in addition to Sarah Powers. (Kelsey of Girls Next Door Podcast was supposed to be there too, but was sick…

January 7, 2022
COVID19 Fashion

Omicron Etc

Lots of COVID ’round these parts (Broward County): Interestingly, it doesn’t feel like anyone knows what to do about it anymore. I am glad that schools remain open (as I strongly believe they should). I am also continuing to see in-person patients when needed,…

January 6, 2022
Goals life

2022 Goal Series: Social Life

First of all – thank you for the recommendations on yesterday’s post! So much great shopping inspo. Second – omg, will this goal series last through the entire year? Hopefully not! We are coming to the end of my ‘big’ goals marked as priority…

January 5, 2022
Fashion Goals

2022 Goal Series: Wardrobe Refresh

It’s true – I sort of already did this in 2020 with my work wardrobe, working with Lani of Real Life Style! And actually, many of her recommendations have stood the test of time. Which is awesome! BUT – I still feel like I…

January 4, 2022

2022 Goals Series: Home Organization

Yes. 2022 is going to be the year I actually complete this program – ideally three rounds! I am extra motivated since we are moving and I really want our new home to be a functionally organized and relatively decluttered space (to the extent…

January 2, 2022