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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

The Podcast

BLP Ep 166 + Announcing Planning 2024: Home Edition

I was inspired by a question I received at last week’s corporate presentation to discuss the feeling of overwhelm, and how (at least sometimes!) planning can be helpful during those times, even when it can feel extraneous or like something we don’t have time…

October 2, 2023

Weekly Workouts

10 Weeks to Go Thinking of all of you in taper mode for Chicago in 1 week (Coco, Chelsea, Kristie and probably others!). If it seems like my training cycle has been endless . . . it kind of has. I basically started targeting…

October 1, 2023

Financial Stuff

It’s the end of a quarter, so Josh and I did our traditional net worth calculation (super simple method, we just look up account balances and put them into a google sheet). It was not that exciting (slightly up but only because our home…

September 30, 2023
life Reading

5 on a Friday: Quick Things + Recs

1- Elisabeth is back in blogland!! She lost her prior site in a server malfunction which had to have been devastating. BUT, she’s back and just as lovely as ever. Visit her! 2- I have been TIRRRRRED this week. I made a tactical error…

September 29, 2023

The Year So Far: Goal Analysis

Approximately 26% of 2023 remains. I feel like it’s time for a little bit of . . . reckoning with my annual goals as we head around the bend towards the end of the year .. . . Selected 2023 Goals: Luckily, I still…

September 28, 2023

Wow, It’s Wednesday! Life Stuff

It does not seem like Wednesday. I am back at work, sifting through lab results which have accumulated since last Wednesday at 5 pm — the last time I cleaned out my inbox. On the plus side, I am caught up on RX refills…

September 27, 2023

Weekly Workout Report: 11 Weeks to Go

77 days until race day M: 9 mi @ 9:48/mi with running group T: 8.28 mi @ 10:07/mi, just a regular easy run + 30 min strength for runners (Becs Gentry / Peloton) W: Speed day! 3 warmup / 2 x 12 min @…

September 24, 2023
life Travel

Last 24 hours: A Time Log in Brief

(Named because we had a great Patreon session about time tracking but I had to admit to everyone that I am not very good at it!) Included: Podcast brainstorming session with Laura (recording happened earlier that morning) A crisp outdoor beer garden outing (maybe…

September 23, 2023
Travel Weekend

5 on a Friday

1- I made it to Boston! Vickie and I had a blast window shopping with a little bit of actual shopping built in (topdrawer – super cute fun stationery store with a number of products from Japan). Of COURSE I bought a notebook. I…

September 22, 2023