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COVID19 Parenting Weekend

Saturday Scene

Josh is off this weekend (yay)! I am up early in part because the new iOS update messed up my phone and now I cannot set different Bedtime alarms. (To change the alarm time, my phone says, “Go to Health App!” . . .…

September 26, 2020
Goals life

5 on a Friday

1- Parenting update. After a terrible start to the week, I am so happy to report that my time with the kids has been so much more enjoyable these past few days. I am not sure it is due to a less distracted state…

September 25, 2020

Operation 100 Follow Up

WELL. Day 1 of Operation 100 (my challenge now has a name!) went well. If anyone is curious, here is how I calculate screen minute when I cannot avoid spending hours on my phone doing telehealth & attending meetings. Yesterday: 3 hrs 33 minutes…

September 24, 2020
Goals Habits

100 Days Left

There are 100 days left in 2020. A year that teased us with promises of a bright and exciting future, and then smacked us into reality. A year in which I kept switching planners, hoping each one would bring peace and calm to the…

September 23, 2020
Parenting Planners

Parenting Follow Up & More

I wanted to share two of my favorite comments on Sunday’s post: “One thing I was wondering that might help you — you said you get frustrated because you’re trying to get them to listen and they don’t listen well. I would honestly focus…

September 22, 2020
Parenting Weekend

A bit of a slog

Days alone with my 3 children during pandemic times . . . well, I’m sort of over them. Saying this feels like admitting my failure as a mother, as a woman, maybe even as a human. But I’m going to say it here anyway:…

September 20, 2020
COVID19 life Parenting Weekend


I am dying to take the kids to a playground. They are dying to GO to a playground. Unfortunately, there are no playgrounds open yet. Interestingly, they are open one county to the north (Palm Beach), but I am not quite desperate enough to…

September 19, 2020

Packed Days & Planner Talk

Jigsaw Puzzle Days Yesterday was . . . slightly crazy. I spent 98% of it either participating in a meeting or frantically preparing to present in a meeting. I also recorded 2 BOBW podcasts and a BLP episode, because it was supposed to be…

September 17, 2020