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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

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End of School, I Need 186 Hours, ETC

Last DAY!!! I brought Target gift cards (and thank you notes!) around to the teachers yesterday morning. There was nothing Pinterest-y about it, but if I were a teacher I would prefer a pile of versatile gift cards to really anything else, so that…

June 6, 2023
Fitness Parenting

Workout Report Etc

Limping to the finish . . . I’m so ready for school to end. I really am. But I will say G’s dance recital was the cutest thing ever, and I smiled a lot. So did she! I wish I had a better shot…

June 4, 2023
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5 on a Friday: Somewhat Moody Edition

1- LOOKING FORWARD. I felt super emotional this morning. A family from the school who became our good friends is moving out of the country and their last school day was today. They have 3 kids – one in each of A/C/G’s classes. A…

June 2, 2023

Welcome JUNE

New Month = New Phone Background Once again, I downloaded mine from The Everygirl. I chose another image (fresh papayas, no calendar) for my home screen. I find having seasonal images on my phone is so calming and a useful reminder of the passage…

June 1, 2023

All the Summer Things

Summer Thoughts I’m enjoying all of the summer-themed posts: here are two from just yesterday!Our summer is going to be . . . well . . . FULL. It is what it is. Camp: Each kid is doing 5 weeks of camp total. For…

May 31, 2023
Fitness Planners

5K, New Notebook, Etc

I raced a 5K Sort of! I mean I did race it, but no taper or anything (and a hard 17 miler Saturday) so it wasn’t a goal race of sorts. Still, I wanted to see if I could run under 8 minute pace.…

May 30, 2023
Best Laid Plans

Summer Planning, Digital Detox & More!

BLP Episode #148: Curating Summer, Digital Detox + More This episode is all about the ways we might think about planning and curating our summers, from travel to reading lists to work projects to media and more. In between all of the family fun…

May 29, 2023
Fitness Weekend

Weekly Workout Report: Long Weekend Edition

Weekly Workouts M: 8 mi, about half with group, ave 9:40/mi. I felt kind of terrible on this run! T: 6.5 mi with 4 x 20 second hill sprints + 30 min full body strength W: 7 mi total, 3 mi warmup outside, then…

May 28, 2023
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5 on a Friday: Holidays, Hail & Links

1- HOLIDAY WEEKEND! This one totally snuck up on me, since I took 2 days off last week. Neither of us has call, either, so that’s particularly exciting. As of now, we have: I feel like we need something for tomorrow . . .…

May 26, 2023