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Rest, naps, etc

I have no idea what is going on with me physically, but this past week I have been insanely tired. Not weary or draggy, but more just wanting to lie down and sleep. My typical response to those feelings is to add more caffeine…

December 9, 2019


We are not homeowners!!!! We are not homeowners!!!! We may never be homeowners again! And I am thrilled about it. Yep, we sold our house on Tuesday (ie, we closed) after a mere 367 days on Zillow (or thereabouts). We sold it for significantly…

December 5, 2019

December & Climbing Out

Thank you all so much for your kind words, suggestions, commiseration, and support these past few weeks. I feel so, so, so much better. The shift was fairly sudden; I spent Black Friday indulging in an incredibly lazy afternoon (my parents were here entertaining…

December 2, 2019

Update and Moving Forward

Thanksgiving week. I am trying (and somewhat failing) to get excited. For better or for worse, we have a lot of family events planned. I have 2 days of work this week, and then 3 days off. I am — right here and now…

November 25, 2019

Reading & Life Slump

Thus far, I have read 32 books in 2019. However, since the end of September, I have only read two (and one was out of obligation, for the Residency Book Club). I am not sure what I’ve been doing with my time that isn‘t…

November 20, 2019

Weekend // Week Report

Another full weekend. This time thankfully I was not on my own, though we did a fair amount of ‘dividing & conquering’. Saturday: 1- Trip to Flamingo Gardens (I took kids solo while Josh worked) 2- Lunch out @ local diner 3- 18 patient…

November 18, 2019
Parenting Weekend

A Solo Parenting Weekend

Josh worked essentially all weekend (he was on call and had a complicated case). I didn’t arrange any childcare, so it was all me. It ended up being . . . okay. I’m still in a bit of a mood spiral, but probably if…

November 11, 2019

Stress & Climbing Out of a Hole

Just popping in with my monthly “losing my (#$&@” post. I am going to admit it: I feel overwhelmed right now. With work projects, kid things, just all the things. I feel unhappy about that and just down in general. I have some form…

November 7, 2019
Travel Weekend

Current feelings, music rec, and NC trip!

FEELING: overwhelmed (at least a little bit) though also happy because I had a great weekend away with Annabel (pix below, or for a bit more, check out the highlight on my Instagram). Honestly, it was so relaxing and fun! It made me want…

November 5, 2019

November and the start of Q5 (plus some Halloween pix!)

New month. New Quarter! (And one my favorite quarters, at that.) I have decided that I am tabling my NaBoProMo (National Book Proposal Month) until January. While I love that there is a widespread movement of others writing in November, I suspect this month…

November 1, 2019