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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


1 Week to Go + Prerace Analysis

Last Week of Training: This week the SoFlo heat arrived in full force with its BFF, humidity. It felt miserable + I was kind of over running this week, to be honest, and if I wasn’t preparing for a race coming up so soon…

May 18, 2024
life Reading

5 on a Friday: Whew!

(hahah, I know it’s still Thursday. But I hit ‘publish’ early. Ahh well, this will all still be here tomorrow!) 1- It has been A Week, as previously noted. And not for any specific reason, really. I do feel a bit better after revising…

May 16, 2024


May has been absolutely kicking my butt. Factors at play: All this is to say that the only progress I have made on ANY long term project is to (drumroll, please) . . MEET WITH OUR ESTATE PLANNING LAWYER yesterday morning!!! And she now…

May 15, 2024
Fitness Reading

Workouts + Reading Etc

Hi! I didn’t mean to write Wednesday’s post and then disappear, but — such is life! I just finished a call week (weekdays only) and it was busier and a little more stressful than average. On the plus side, I had a lovely resident…

May 11, 2024

Does the Most Popular Productivity Advice Apply to Women?

I was listening to the latest Deep Questions episode in which Cal goes through a brief history of (recent) perspectives on productivity, and then Scott Young joins him to discuss the topic. And I just started thinking about the productivity leaders he discussed: Stephen…

May 8, 2024

Grateful today for . . .

1- My speed workout went well!! I’m nearing the end of my training cycle and will be happy to take a break from fighting the heat in a longer speed workout soon. But today’s run went well even if I did have to dump…

May 7, 2024

3 Weeks to Go!

20 days, if we are being exact! I missed recording last week’s training, but it was similar to this one – 70 miles with a 20-miler and a midweek workout with miles just a bit faster than MP. I am getting excited for the…

May 5, 2024