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Podcast: Best Laid Plans

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Apple Purgatory + Food for Thought

Apple WHAT IS HAPPENING It started when I tried to access our Apple TV account for Josh to see the soccer game over the weekend. I noticed that my playlists had disappeared, and Apple thought I was Josh. (Of note, my Health app seems…

April 16, 2024
Fitness Reading

Running + Reading Report

6 weeks until race day! AHHHH! The marathon is starting to seem less like a distant idea and more like a real event on the calendar. I feel pretty ready, but I know the next ~6 weeks of training will also be really helpful…

April 15, 2024
life Weekend

Finally Under Control

Life finally feels normal I feel generally caught up for the first time in forever. Hooray! And barring unforeseen challenges (which probably WILL occur, who am I kidding!?) life should be fairly uncomplicated until August when I do have a call week and vacation…

April 13, 2024
life Weekend

5 on a Friday: Life Tidbits

1- THE CAMP SPREADSHEET IS COMPLETE! Whew, I think this is the latest I’ve ever finished with this. I anticipate things getting even more complicated next year as A will age out of more things. A has 6 weeks of camp, C has 7,…

April 12, 2024

Appreciating the Little Things

I loved Kristen’s post from yesterday, which she entitled “On really, truly enjoying things.” Am I great at enjoying things alllllllll the time? No. Are there times where I’m just in a mood and nothing really feels worth noticing or celebrating? Yes. But I…

April 11, 2024
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Summer Planning Extravaganza

I am feeling a bit all over the place lately! With my PLANNING! (YES I KNOW! But hey, just so you all know – it happens to planning aficionados, too.) I never planned our summer trip because it took a really long time to…

April 10, 2024
life Weekend

Weekends / Energy / Etc

I feel a bit ridiculous discussing weekend events on a Tuesday, but since Monday is for show notes . . . I guess here we are. When Josh is on call/working, weekends these days can feel like a lot. During call weekends back in…

April 9, 2024
Fitness Reading

Workouts + Reading

7 Weeks Until Bayshore Marathon Getting sort of close now? I guess? 7 weeks still sounds like a while! But I’m already thinking about the race, from my shoe choice to my pacing strategy. (And I’ve already started sending good weather vibes to Michigan.…

April 7, 2024