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Laptop Upgrade!

Hooray! I can see the entire screen again. I bit the bullet and ordered a new MacBook Pro approximately 1 year ahead of my standard new laptop every 5 years schedule. This particular edition was annoyingly expensive, and has no USB drive (seriously?). But…

April 21, 2019

5 on a Friday

1- NEW LAPTOP REPORT. As it turns out, writing blog posts on a laptop with only half of a visible screen is rather annoying. My new one arrives on Monday! On that note – I am tempted NOT to just transfer all of the…

April 19, 2019

Week-in-the-Life #7/7

Sunday 4.14. Neither parent working. 6:15 up; write week-in-the-life recap for Friday 6:50 feed her and then other kids up. Breakfast with kid (our family breakfasts are very non-elaborate, by the way. Cereal with milk & fruit or or bagels (Daves Killer Bread brand)…

April 16, 2019

Week-in-the-life #6/7

WEEKEND! Neither of us on call. I know I said I’d do both days in one post but it’s Monday and I have to make this relatively quick! So here is Saturday . . . stay tuned for Sunday & the wrap up. PS:…

April 15, 2019

Week-in-the-Life #5/7

Friday 4.12.19 – full work day 5:30 up; write day-in-the-life-post (note: I do not usually write blog posts every day so the act of doing this did alter my time expenditure at least a little bit! 6:15 Beachbody 21 Day Fix – Pilates. Not…

April 14, 2019

Week-in-the-Life #4/7

Thursday – 1/2 work dayΒ  4:30 up with intention of attending a 5:30 Ultimate class. Crank out blog post. 5:10 hear G screaming. NOOOOO! Josh had come home super late so I was not going to ask him to jump in (plus, with her…

April 12, 2019

Week-in-the-Life #3/7

Wednesday 10.4.19, full work day 5:15 up (though woke up hearing Josh doing something downstairs even earlier and had trouble staying asleep, because I was nervous about events to come!). Spend 1 hr writing blog post recapping the prior day — longer than usual!…

April 11, 2019

Week-in-the-Life #2/7

TUESDAY // 4.9.19. Half of a work day — our local elementary school does this really cute and adorably named “Hatchlings Program” for incoming kindergarteners with siblings at the school, and today was session 3 (the last one). Several months ago when the dates…

April 10, 2019

Week-In-The-Life! #1/7

Because why not? If you listen to BoBW, you will know that Laura has tracked her time quite literally for years. I find it fascinating, but even my very Upholder/Planning/Archive-happy tendencies do not make this an easy feat for me. And I’m okay with…

April 9, 2019

5 on a Friday

1- Thank you for your thoughts on yesterday’s post. I truly appreciate that no one made me feel ridiculous (even though I completely get that fretting about monetizing one’s dear hobby actually is exactly that, to some degree). I have no plans to change…

April 5, 2019