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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

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9.5 hours

= the amount I slept last night, and it was amazing. I skipped my morning run today. I may try to do some (light, restorative) yoga tonight while the kids have their coveted show time. This is a reminder to myself and anyone who…

July 14, 2021

Screens & Things

We told the kids a week or so ago that we would be taking the month off of iPads. This was prompted by a display of bad behavior from one kid in particular (ie, hitting / throwing things at others, not being able to…

July 13, 2021
Best Laid Plans life Parenting Weekend

Monday Thoughts

Podcast re-air that is related to today’s topic In Episode 112 of his Deep Questions podcast, Cal Newport came up with what he referred to as “Productivity Baby Steps” (as a nod to Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps). Of course, I was moved to…

July 12, 2021
life Planners Weekend

Sunday List

Family Tasks ❏ Meal plan & grocery shop. I might go in person to Trader Joe’s for a change, we will see. ❏ Make lunches ie my least favorite task. If the kids’ school starts providing lunch again next year I am IN. ❏…

July 11, 2021
Habits life

Perspective + Gratitude

You are the best readers. Seriously, among other notes of gratitude that are clearly warranted after writing yesterday’s post, one is that I am so lucky to have such a smart, kind, and insightful community commenting on this blog. So, thank you! I wanted…

July 8, 2021
life Parenting Work

Tradeoffs + Parenting Is Hard

When I look at Instagram and sometimes when I just . . . look around in the wrong locale, it seems like everyone has: Beautiful modern home. (Us: Nope) Luxury cars. At least one Tesla. (Nope) Full time childcare. (Yes. Our largest expense category…

July 7, 2021
life Weekend

The Weekend Contained Multitudes.

Fireworks. Some a little too close for comfort but we all survived. Mosquitos. Pool time. Two very hot runs. Friends AND family. The Melting Pot (“fancy” night out with the kids to celebrate the end of the school year. Even if we are 2…

July 6, 2021
Habits life Weekend

5 (rather late) on a Friday

1- I “slept in” today because Josh and I went on a date last night. Mustard Seed Bistro was great – we will be back! We spent half of it planning future fun things (weekend in NC, probably me tagging along for ~2 days…

July 2, 2021
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New Month!

And the midpoint of 2021. (Fun/random fact: I have been averaging 50 books/year for the past ~2 years, and I just finished my 25th book last night for 2021! I guess this is my reading set point!) July (My Q3 list + yearly goals…

July 1, 2021