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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

COVID19 life

Quarantine Essentials

A list of things which helped us stay sane while stuck at home: 1- Meal Kits. Yes, grocery delivery is great but I went a step further and used Sun Basket for 2 weeks just to take ALL the work out of meal planning.…

January 9, 2021
COVID19 Planners

Day 8 out of 1826?

I did it! I started my 5 year journal. Obviously, there was a lot more to report in the last 7 days than I would have preferred. First day was quite minimal but I wrote a bit more for some of the others. The…

January 8, 2021
COVID19 life


I mean. WHAT. THE. F. What an insane day yesterday. What an insane 4 years it has been. What an embarrassing horrifying just nauseating spectacle yesterday’s events were. But also, Biden has been confirmed and Georgia democrats succeeded! So. A veritable roller coaster. I…

January 7, 2021
life Planners


READING: Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I find this a lovely way to start the day (except today because I slept in). It feels like I am reading the journal of a friend. A brilliant and inspirational friend. EXCITED ABOUT: My 5-Year Journal arrived from Finland!!!…

January 6, 2021
COVID19 life

New Year & Moving Forward

It’s Day 5 of the new year. Never before has a resolution failed as spectacularly and as quickly as my 299 minutes of Screen Time yesterday. What can I say — I had a rough day, for various reasons. And so I treated myself…

January 5, 2021
Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #24: 2021 Planning Setup

In this episode, I discuss my Quintiles system, and then delve into all of the systems I will be using in the new year. (Some of them aren’t new, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a complete round up, and now seems like…

January 4, 2021
Habits life

Organizing Etc

I am starting round 2 of Organize 365‘s 100 Day Program tomorrow. I must disclose that the company’s founder Lisa Woodruff gifted me access to this program (this was after we had her on our podcast; personally I love her ideas and was thrilled…

January 3, 2021
COVID19 life Parenting

Good Start to the Year

All in all, the first day of 2021 was pretty great. Despite having COVID and some nagging (but not acute or scary!) symptoms, honestly . . . it was as nice as a weekend day could be when you are all stuck in the…

January 2, 2021
COVID19 life Planners

Hello 2021 . . .

Beginning the new year with: 1- A new planner cover!! 2- My own positive COVID-19 test I mean, duh . . . everyone around me has it, though the kids remain asymptomatic and are now at 11 days past their positive test result. But…

January 1, 2021
Best Laid Plans Goals The Podcast

2021 Goals Countdown: Blog/Pod

Prior lists: Family Work Personal Blog: I would just like to continue to post regularly (most days) + be better about circling back to requested topics/questions. I think I am pretty good at this, but could be better! I am thrilled with the level…

December 31, 2020