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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


Made it!

Plane travel was about 385374 times easier than I remember it. However, flying back by myself w/ the 3 will still be a challenge. Hopefully we can consolidate luggage. For future trips I’m hoping to get the kids big backpacks and make them carry…

November 21, 2021


AHH! First family travel in forever. (FLL = Fort Lauderdale, our preferred airport because it’s closer and about 37434 times less chaotic than MIA) (RDU = Raleigh Durham, the airport I’ve probably flown into and out of the most times in my life and…

November 20, 2021
life Work

Today / To Do

I am giving a big presentation today for work entitled “Cultivating resiliency as leaders in medicine” as part of a day-long internal leadership retreat. Something like 200-300 physicians and administrators within our healthcare system are invited, and it’s the first live event for most…

November 19, 2021

4000 Weeks and our Very Finite Lives

I just finished Oliver Burkeman’s 4000 Weeks. I thought it was excellent. Even though sometimes I felt judged (in a gentle way — as he argues effectively that the idea of ‘controlling one’s time’ is futile and likely backfires), I also felt seen. Life…

November 18, 2021

Recent Q/A

1- Why are we buying a home ? I actually did a post detailing the reasons in October — it’s here! The summary is that even though we really enjoyed the flexibility of renting, we did not bank on accelerating inflation and real estate…

November 17, 2021
Planners The Podcast

10 Things About Planning & Planners . . .

I did a guest spot! I am a regular listener to Laura Tremaine’s fantastic podcast 10 Things to Tell You, and decided on a whim to email her to see if she’d be interested in a planner-focused episode. It ended up working out, and…

November 16, 2021
Parenting Weekend

Accepting the Mess

I WILL NOT CLEAN THIS UP (Though I am tempted) Trying to get better at accepting messes that are entirely non-urgent. We do have a rule that the kids have to pick up all toys (we do an ‘inspection’) prior to screen time in…

November 13, 2021
life Reading

5 Quick Things on a Friday

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions yesterday. I honestly think I will feel better once the Big Presentation (next Friday) is over and done with. I also recognize (more now) that some of these problems can be solved with delegation and/or $.…

November 12, 2021