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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


Some Good Things

Post-call happiness Nothing like 168 hours of 24/7 availability to make you really appreciate . . . NOT being on call! Seriously. I am happy overall with how the week went. I definitely did more scrolling than I would generally like to be doing,…

September 19, 2023
Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #164: September Q&A

Today’s episode features 5 listener questions and two great pieces of listener feedback! Question topics:1) Planners to Track/Memory-Keep in Pregnancy Products mentioned: Moleskine’s Passion Baby Journal, Bloom’s Pregnancy + Baby’s First Year Calendar + Planner; Clever Fox’s Pregnancy Journal 2) Daily planners without a…

September 18, 2023

Weekly Workouts

First – huge sigh of relief for me as this site was down earlier (universal problem with all WPEngine-hosted sites I think) and it was really scary! I hope anyone who got an error message earlier if now seeing this with no issues. Second…

September 17, 2023
life Weekend Work

Call Week Dispatch: All is OK

Call Week Stuff This was kind of a weird call week – I was not that busy in the hospital. I had some consults to see (both new + those were are following), but just not as many as is typical. The overnight call…

September 16, 2023

Time Time Time . . .

Time, time, timeSee what’s become of meWhile I looked around for my possibilitiesI was so hard to pleaseBut look aroundLeaves are brownAnd the sky is a hazy shade of winter — Simon & Garfunkel (but I prefer the Bangles version #childofthe80s) Lot of focus…

September 13, 2023
life Weekend Work

Weekend –> Tuesday

I always feel a little bit ridiculous writing about my weekend for a Tuesday morning post, but — here we are! I LOVED YOUR WISE AND NUANCED PIANO COMMENTS! As always – so many valuable points + counterpoints. As of now, we are not…

September 12, 2023
Best Laid Plans

Ep 162: Teachers + Planning

PART 1: Teachers Share Their Planning Strategies! Huge thank you to Robyn, Kelly, Cynthia, Jessie, and Sarah for submitting their tips!Pens mentioned by Sarah: Schneider Pens Images of Jessie’s beautiful google sheet: PART 2: A teacher shares her perspective on helping kids plan their…

September 11, 2023

Weekly Workouts: 3 months until race day

13 weeks until race day M: 10 mi @ 9:35/mi. No group run because I slept a little late and did this at ~7:30 am on Labor Day. T: 9 mi + 6 x 30s hard. Felt like I needed a really gentle chill…

September 10, 2023
life Parenting Weekend

Weekend Things

Things Happening ✔︎ Gymnastics (currently there!) ❏ Bday parties both days (both G only!) ❏ Piano* ❏ Gathering at our house ❏ Soccer game x 1 (first “away” game, thankfully only ~30 min away, near where I work!). Things to Do: ✔︎ 18 mi…

September 9, 2023