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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

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Time off: the proactive approach.

Time off. I have figured out after many years that NO ONE IS GOING TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO SCHEDULE TIME OFF. (This podcast ep reinforced that!) Also, I have learned that DAYS THAT LOOK WIDE OPEN NEVER STAY THAT WAY, the closer you get…

June 3, 2021
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Rainbow Etc

The little things . . . I took C&G for an evening walk around the block yesterday. Our reward was a double rainbow! (The second one is faint in this photo but definitely was there IRL). Maybe it was a sign to get out…

June 2, 2021
COVID19 life Travel Weekend

Back! And happy!

Hi! I’m back. I really enjoyed the time off. A brief recap of the highlights . . . 1- Josh and I enjoyed a great 2-night stay in Captiva (west coast of FL, near Ft. Myers). It was about a 2.5 hour drive and…

June 1, 2021

Back to Work Book: Winner!

The Get to Work Book goes to comment #20 (as they are listed): SARAH! (Don’t worry – it’s not me. That would be rather sad to enter my own giveaway). This Sarah is Sarah A. and she wrote in her comment: “I love Elise’s…

May 26, 2021
Best Laid Plans Weekend

Mini Show Notes & Solo Weekend

Show Notes: Ep #43 with Elise Cripe of Get to Work Book I have been following Elise and her beautifully designed product, the Get to Work Book, for quite some time. In fact, I did a review of this planner in 2018! Having Elise…

May 24, 2021

5 on a Friday: Podcast-Inspired Edition

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! It really was a nice day. Fairly low-key, but lovely and relaxing. Josh + the kids made me lemon bars in lieu of a birthday cake at my request and they were GOOD. It’s Friday! And…

May 21, 2021

XLI = 41

= my age today! Sigh. Getting older is never great, but I do feel very happy with how my life is at 41. Things I am happy about related to my age: I don’t have that many gray hairs yet. Of course I have…

May 20, 2021
Fitness life

Time Tracking Week: Day 2

Here you go. Yesterday in all of its glory. I did not work nearly as many hours (simply did not have it in me!) and used some break time in between meetings for rest and personal things like meditation and a (short) walk with…

May 19, 2021
Habits life

Time Tracking Week

I decided I would track my time this week! While I do not do this continuously (Laura does – it always amazes me), I like to do it from time to time, to sort of take stock & do a periodic assessment of how…

May 18, 2021