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COVID19 life

Day 67: Back to Reality

But first thank you for the birthday love yesterday! It was really as lovely a birthday as one could hope for under current circumstances. I wasn’t expecting so many amazing gifts but ended up with gourmet chocolate, Jeni’s ice cream, new workout wear, a…

May 21, 2020
COVID19 life

Day 66: Milestone Birthday!

Well! I’m 40 now. This is definitely the first birthday that has me thinking deeply about meaning and legacy and mortality and beyond. It may or may not be my halfway point but . . . it’s certainly possible that it is. This calculator…

May 20, 2020
COVID19 life

Day 65: 39.996

25 (I find 25-year-old me really cute) 30 (and yet 30-year-old me sounds kind of annoying) 35 (thankfully this version of me seems closer to ‘normal’) ??? Tomorrow is my birthday. Having had a blog for nearly 16 years (and having written many a…

May 19, 2020
COVID19 Reading

Day 64: Finite

Blame my impending birthday. I was happily adding books to my 2020 Reading List (it is now LONG!), with contributions from the MMD Guide + other recommendations. Thus far in 2020, I have read 14. I am halfway through 2 more. This puts me…

May 18, 2020
COVID19 Weekend

Day 63: Taking It Easy (pt 2)

I feel much better today, mentally and physically. My shoulder doesn’t hurt. My energy feels normal. I don’t feel like I need to nap all day. Hooray! I guess the extra rest worked. Luckily this has been a very quiet call weekend. I’ve answered…

May 17, 2020
COVID19 Work

Day 60: Work & Stuff

Yesterday was a bit better. Busy, but not terrible. I had a couple of nice interactions with other physicians and it made me think a bit about how people generally treat each other in the hospital. I feel thankful to work for a health…

May 14, 2020
COVID19 Work

Day 59: Rough Day

Yesterday was . . . not a good day. I was thrown into a work situation (not related to call) and in retrospect, attending multiple planning meetings on my call day was a bad idea. Also, while it is silly to blame my failures…

May 13, 2020
COVID19 Fashion life

Day 58: Call Week & Work Clothes

As planned, I had my virtual wardrobe update consultation yesterday (with Lani!) and based on recommendations ended up ordering a major refresh of my work wardrobe. Then I joked with Josh that with my luck our healthcare system is probably going to issue a…

May 12, 2020