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A list. 1- Starting off my morning with ~15 minutes of non-fiction reading. And a highlighter pen. And coffee (set the night before, of course). 2- Planning the day in my Hobonichi (using the weekly list + calendar items to plan the day). I’ve never…

June 12, 2019

Call Weekend: Intentionally shifting into low gear

Both Josh and I were on call this past weekend. The weather was terrible (hello summer storm season . . .), so at least we didn’t miss out on any outdoor family fun. Honestly, I ended up sort of shifting gears into total survival…

June 10, 2019

Transitions, links, and more goals

I started my “new” job yesterday. It was actually pretty exciting. I had minor palpitations while changing my email signature. I feel immense responsibility, which is stressful, but also a refreshing authority to do certain things more in my style (examples: booking things far…

June 4, 2019
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Summer Goals!

Q3 is about to begin! A reminder – I find that Quintiles are perfect for my year, which is defined both by the calendar year and the school schedule. Q1 – Jan 1 to beginning of spring break Q2 – Spring break to end…

May 31, 2019


(I think.) Seriously, there has been plenty said about this month in the parenting sphere (Spawned, The Mom Hour). And that’s because it’s true! There have been 3274 class events crammed into the past month. I have had to wrangle work time and moved…

May 30, 2019

lovely weekend

We had all of the essential elements this past weekend. TWO parents not working (yay!) (Note: I had a babysitter come for 2.5 hours on Sunday while Josh did notes & I went to a workout class) Parenting book club! (We collectively were not…

May 28, 2019

Currently Into

Reading I think I’m officially out of my reading slump, having torn through most of this book over the past 5 days. I can’t vouch for the ending yet (I’m 75% through) but — what a great reading experience. The writing reminds me a…

May 22, 2019

39! Birthday Reflections

I vividly remember the card my father made for my mother that said “39 . . . and holding”. It was 1988, and the card was a folded Print Shop masterpiece, thoughtfully designed and printed out onto dot matrix printer paper. It had a…

May 20, 2019
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5 on a Friday

1-    I turn 39 on Monday. Um, yay? My SIL sent me the best gift: Totally unnecessary but man, what a fun surprise in the mail yesterday! 2- My parents are visiting! I’ve been working, but I still think it’s been fun for…

May 17, 2019