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  • COVID19 life Parenting Weekend

    TG Break Continued

    Random Notes: ♥️ We did hit up the zoo yesterday and ended up getting a membership (it was $80 for tickets or $126 for a yearly family membership — so the deal was compelling).…

    November 28, 2020
  • COVID19 life Parenting

    Thanksgiving 2020

    Another Thanksgiving in the books. We cooked, we dressed up, we used cloth napkins, and we stayed home. It was actually a glorious day. I did accidentally nap through my husband’s giant Zoomsgiving, but…

    November 27, 2020
  • life


    I have been writing down 3 things I am grateful for every day, and I almost never struggle to come up with at least 3. I will admit there are some repeats, though. Here’s…

    November 26, 2020
  • Budget life Parenting

    Gifts Etc!

    Laura and I are recording a BOBW episode this morning on gifts, and I have to say — I’m feeling pretty uninspired when it comes to gifts for the kids right now. Here is…

    November 25, 2020
  • life Parenting

    Evenings Revisited

    I am inspired by Laura to write a post on the state of our evenings. Lest anyone think that my relative calm/okay state recently means that I have this whole parenting thing figured out…

    November 19, 2020
  • COVID19 life Reading

    Odds ‘n’ ends

    Thank you all for sharing (and so respectfully!) yesterday. It has been very interesting (and somewhat surprising) to see how different cultures and groups of people have handled what is ostensibly the same challenge.…

    November 18, 2020
  • life Work


    Just ducking in for 5 seconds to admit that YES, I too get overwhelmed and behind sometimes, and YES — today is one of those times. I can see the light at the end…

    November 12, 2020
  • life

    A Few Things

    COVID Cases are up though still not up to our FL-summer-spike levels. I have received multiple notifications of positives in both kids’ schools though not yet in any of their classes (and I do…

    November 11, 2020
  • life

    Menu Etc!

    Call is . . . going (I have maintained a reasonably good attitude – helps that I have a lovely resident I am working with!). The election counts are . . . moving forward.…

    November 7, 2020
  • life Work

    5 on a Friday – quick edition

    Feeling: Mildly anxious. Frustrated that I have already heard G. (It’s 5:48 and I really want to run this AM). Craving: A massage/spa day. Ideally as part of a couples’ weekend. Remember massages? (I…

    November 6, 2020