Planning By Season 2024!

Structure, accountability, and community — a full year of seasonal planning together. 5 seasonal sessions + 5 midseasons check-ins. All courses details here!

Best Laid Plans AT HOME: Planning 2024

Opening up a few slots for those who wanted to register and are interested in attending the January sessions! Upon registration you will get access to the first December video, the workbook, and the second December video will be up 12/21! Details here.


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Best Laid Plans Academy: Fall 2023

BLPA Fall 2023 concluded Dec 2023 – next round fall 2024!

Quotes from Previous BLPA Participants 
(these were taken with permission from post-course surveys sent after rounds 1 + 2)

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Best Laid Plans Academy. Historically, I have been unable to enact a durable planning system into my life. I wanted to, but I also struggled with a lot of planning resistance. But apparently this student was finally ready because boy did the teacher appear. Sarah’s course is EXTREMELY well thought-out, clear, and detailed without being overly prescriptive. I loved the live sessions but having both a workbook, written notes, AND recorded sessions for review later made this course extremely accessible and adaptable.”

“BLPA was such a fun, engaging course! It provided a strong foundational planning routine and encouraged participants to customize a system to meet their needs. Sarah did an excellent job leading the sessions!”

“The Specialty Sessions were fantastic! I appreciated the smaller group discussion and learning from a variety of perspectives in a safe space.”

“I found BLPA very valuable in that it provided me the space and opportunity to think through aspects of planning from the daily to the annual level.  I really liked the workbook and textbook as a future resource, as well as watching the shorter videos in preparation for the zoom sessions. I couldn’t attend all zoom sessions live because of work, but I did watch those I missed after the fact.”

Please note: I do have limited space as I want to make sure I am available to every member for questions and because I want to keep discussions at a manageable size during the session.  

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