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Best Laid Plans — a podcast all about planning and the planning tools we love. From planning techniques and organizing philosophies to planners and notebooks, we cover it all. Host Sarah Hart-Unger is a mother of 3, physician, podcasting pro, and a lover of lists and all things paper! Listen in weekly for conversations about planning and productivity as well as product reviews and interviews with planning experts!

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  • Overview of Current Systems -- Hobonichi & Beyond EP: 3Overview of Current Systems -- Hobonichi & Beyond EP: 3
    To give you an idea of my typical planning toolbox, today's episode features a planner 'walk through' of the Hobonichi Techo Cousin planner system and the accessories I love to use with it it. Discussions include using calendar pages for tracking, time blocking, and daily planning. There's also a mention of a few of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) digital tools. At the time of this episode's recording I was experimenting with a bullet journal. I enjoy that approach so more on that in the future.
  • Technique Spotlight on The Weekly Review EP: 2Technique Spotlight on The Weekly Review EP: 2
    This episode takes a deep dive into one of Sarah's favorite planning techniques: the Weekly Review.  There are so many great ways to do a weekly review process, and one size definitely does not fit all!  Listen to discover the many elements you can mix and match to create a perfect jumping off point for each new week.  
  • Hello & A Planning Story . . . EP: 1Hello & A Planning Story . . . EP: 1
    Hello and welcome to Best Laid Plans!  Today's episode gives you a little bit of background about me (your host, Sarah Hart-Unger) and tells the story of how I became so fascinated by planners and planning techniques over the years.  Take a trip down memory lane with me as I recount the glory of planners past and take a journey into my planning present & future!


Ep 1: Debut

Ep 2: Weekly Review

Ep 3: Hobonichi Techo Cousin – Current System