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BLP Ep #171: The FAQ Episode

November 6, 2023

There are certain things listeners (or just random people in my life) inquire about over and over again, and in today’s episode I attempt to give all the answer! Some of the topics:

  • What is the weird habit bar at the top of your planner page?
  • How can you use paper when things change so much?
  • Isn’t it confusing using multiple planners?
  • How can use paper + still communicate with your partner about events?
  • How can you convince your husband to do a ‘planning retreat’?
  • What are your absolute favorite pens?

. . . and more!

explaining this cryptic graphic among other things!


1- Plan your 2024 – Best Laid Plans at Home is now 70% full! If you’d like to join me for what is essentially the virtual versioon of BLP live (a comprehensive guided annual planning experience!), register now — details here! As I mention in the ep, this could even be used as a curriculum of sorts for a partner retreat.

2- Elisabeth is hosting a giveaway of the Sprouted Planner with some other bonus goodies! LOVE Sprouted products and this is a great chance to try one for 2024. Enter here!!


(Keep the questions and Planner Peace submissions coming!)

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