Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #161: Hobonichi Release, Hobonichi-Inspired Planners, and Best Laid Plans Academy

August 28, 2023

Hobonichi Season!

I don’t have designer bags. I have almost no jewelry. I have like 3 pairs of non-running shoes.

But I DO have a collection of planner covers! And I love it. I actually had several covers (mostly the plain “Colors” covers) prior to these but once I started investing in the fancier covers, I decided I was a collector.

(The bottom two are Annabel’s. I am still jealous of the Cookie Monster edition.)

((That serene water scene one was 2020. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use it again.))

In the episode, I chat about changes, including Sanzen Tomoe River Paper — which I’m excited about! There is also a new English language A6 option and more hard HON covers to choose from.

View the full Hobonichi lineup here.

Hobonichi-Inspired Options Discussed

Wonderland 222 – great new options, including planners with Sat / Sun on their own columns (yay!)

Aura Estelle – I’m using one now!

Sterling Ink – so many size / color options for 2024 though you will need to wait until the ordering window opens!

Best Laid Plans Academy

I am very excited to launch the third class of BLPA!!

This will be my third round teaching this course — and will likely move it to a fall-only offering moving forward, so this will be the only round until Fall 2024. Registration details will be provided first in the newsletter, which will come out early on September 1st. Please subscribe if you would like first access to registration – prior rounds of BLPA have filled up, so if you know you’d like to be a part of this one, I recommend registering early!

Live classes will most likely be held Thursdays at 1 PM Eastern Time (though I am open to feedback on this if there are many who prefer a different time slot!).

The course is comprised of seven main sessions + one specialty session —> one for business/corporate/law, one for healthcare, one for parents of young children, and one for academics.

By the end of the sessions, you will come out with your own highly functional and enjoyable planning system to help you plan with less stress and more fun at every level, from daily to yearly!

Testimonials from prior rounds (post-course survey):

“BLPA was such a fun, engaging course! It provided a strong foundational planning routine and encouraged participants to customize a system to meet their needs. Sarah did an excellent job leading the sessions!”

“As a result of BLPA, I have transitioned to an integrated planning system that helps me manage work, family, and personal areas of life more holistically. Before BLPA, I planned for these different areas separately, and often missed appointment conflicts or other important competing priorities. I also now have a clear understanding of all my inboxes/inputs and a plan for when these will be regularly reviewed and cleared.

“The Specialty Sessions were fantastic! I appreciated the smaller group discussion and learning from a variety of perspectives in a safe space.”

“I found BLPA very valuable in that it provided me the space and opportunity to think through aspects of planning from the daily to the annual level.  I really liked the workbook and textbook as a future resource, as well as watching the shorter videos in preparation for the zoom sessions. I couldn’t attend all zoom sessions live because of work, but I did watch those I missed after the fact.”

I am much more intentional, setting more regular weekly check ins and considering other options. I also am really going to try to integrate more true quintile planning for goals, as Sarah’s approach is so user friendly because it focuses on looking to the overall quarter or quintile and the monthly outlook.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Best Laid Plans Academy. Historically, I have been unable to enact a durable planning system into my life. I wanted to, but I also struggled with a lot of planning resistance. But apparently this student was finally ready because boy did the teacher appear. Sarah’s course is EXTREMELY well thought-out, clear, and detailed without being overly prescriptive. I loved the live sessions but having both a workbook, written notes, AND recorded sessions for review later made this course extremely accessible and adaptable.

If you want to get your system to an optimal level before 2024 goal setting season begins, this round is for you! Further details will be provided on the signup page, which will be first shared in the September 1st newsletter. I think it will be fantastic round and a great use of fall energy!

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  • Reply Lisa of Lisa's Yarns August 28, 2023 at 4:47 pm

    I hadn’t heard about W222 splitting sat/sun into their own day. That is a great change! That confirms that it will be the right choice for 2023.

    I love all the different planner covers! I have a very basic navy cloth cover that I bought from Amazon a few years ago that has served me well, but it is not nearly as pretty as the covers you have!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger August 28, 2023 at 5:51 pm

      Yes! It’s the “unstacked” version – I think they are continuing to offer both! Impressive.

  • Reply Rebecca August 29, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    Have you ever reviewed Completist products? I really like their daily planner- and like that sat/sun are on a single page.

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