Best Laid Plans

Ep #165: Fall Reviews: Cal Newport’s Time Block Planner v2.0 + Archer & Olive

September 25, 2023

In this episode, I review two new or updated planners:

1) Archer + Olive’s Dated Wellness Planner – available here

very pretty monthly dashboard
weekly layout! would have loved a dot grid + hourly markings!

2) Cal Newport’s Time-Block Planner V2.0 – available here

Weekday time blocking page. You can use the right hand side to time block plan + revise, or repurpose some of the columns
weekend pages

I also discuss Best Laid Plans Live – Planning 2024, since registration for this live event in South Florida closes October 3rd! I am working on a virtual version with December or January options – so stay tuned for that. As usual, I will release access first to newsletter subscribers (free + monthly; subscribe here!).

To get the BLP LIVE details, visit

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