Best Laid Plans

BLP #184: February Q&A

February 5, 2024

Show Notes

It’s a Q&A episode! Loved these questions submitted throughout the prior month. Topics include:

1) Update on formalizing the task management of household (vs work) projects

2) Thoughts on Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto

3) “Can you talk about busyness?”

4) 100 Dream List – what is it, and where to keep?

5) Planning-adjacent ideas for managing kids’ clothes

6) Inbox Zero methodology

7) Planning/task and data management for a new family medical diagnosis

8) How to balance goal setting with flexibility?


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  • Reply Coree February 5, 2024 at 6:53 am

    It is weird how people are much better at running their personal lives than their work lives. I was really inspired to sort out my to do list by the podcast you did with Kae and have started reorganising my todoist board.

  • Reply Lisa's Yarns February 5, 2024 at 9:48 am

    I think I have a good system for organizing clothes. We get a lot of hand-me-downs from another family. For us, the trick is to go through the bags of clothes right away! Do not just put them in storage. I sort them by type of clothing and then figure out what we want to keep. Anything we don’t keep goes in our goodwill pile. We have canvas totes that are labeled by size so I put what we decide to keep in a storage tote. Then when my oldest moves into that size, I figure out what gaps we might have and buy those items but we have lucked out and have had to buy so few clothes!

    For the person w/ the heavy meeting calendar + teams + emails pouring in, I can so relate. One thing I have started to do is on days when I have a heavy meeting schedule, I put an automated message on teams saying something like, “due to a high level of meetings, my response may be delayed.” In my case, there is a DL that they can email for immediate assistance so I include that but that might not be the case for the person asking the question. It helps me get less anxious on those days as I was really struggling when I’d have like 9 client calls, and all these teams messages blinking, plus emails. I feel like people come to teams expecting an immediate/fast response so I have seen a big uptick in teams messages. Which is fine on a less scheduled day but awful when I have back-to-back-to-back meetings.

  • Reply Betty February 6, 2024 at 7:47 am

    For organizing clothes & a laundry system, I would recommend following The Minimal Mom on YouTube ( a few podcasts episodes too), she has a whole playlist on both (and toys). That helped me purge & organize my whole house. It’s all about reducing that inventory to manageable state.

    She would actually be an awesome guest for BLP, too.

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