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BLP Ep 166 + Announcing Planning 2024: Home Edition

October 2, 2023

I was inspired by a question I received at last week’s corporate presentation to discuss the feeling of overwhelm, and how (at least sometimes!) planning can be helpful during those times, even when it can feel extraneous or like something we don’t have time for. I also discuss what to do if the more elaborate planning systems (such as my Nested Goals Method) feel overwhelming at the start.

AND, towards the end of the episode, I announce the virtual/home version of Best Laid Plans Live — Planning 2024! This idea was born when I received multiple requests from listeners who wanted to attend the live version ( but just couldn’t make the trip due to financial or logistical barriers.

I fully recognize that October is quite early to start thinking about your annual planning time. However, this program has a live/interactive component and I know from experience that blocking off time for detailed planning sessions becomes very difficult once one’s calendar is already full! Therefore, I wanted to provide the dates now so that interested participants can plan (yes!) accordingly.

Registration and further details (dates, pricing, what’s included, topics covered) are all available here.

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  • Reply Sophie October 2, 2023 at 9:37 pm

    Hooray! The 3-5pm EST time slots are 5-7am in my part of Australia so I can join live! (I’m a morning person). Thanks for offering this virtually and at different times, Very excited to join this course 🙂

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