Best Laid Plans

BLP Episode #47: Midyear Goals Check-In

June 21, 2021

In this episode, I share my midyear check-in process, and then go through my own 2021 goals.

Links to 2021 Goals Eps:





Questions I ask:

Is this complete? (If so – allow for moment of celebration!)

Do I still care?

Is anything missing?

Next ep!

I will be recording one new episode before a July break, and I’d like to feature your questions in an “ask me anything” format. I will put out a call on Instagram today (and plan to be more active on that platform than I have been — though my Insta-break was lovely!).

Father’s Day Pix

We really had a great weekend. Saturday the kids had their first ice skating lesson and did quite well (G spent 50% of the session on her butt and C spent 20% of it that way, but they enjoyed it and made progress). Sunday we drove to Miami Beach to celebrate Father’s Day. There was a lot of pool time.

we realized A did not really know how to dive (C does, interestingly).
Daddy’s new Father’s Day outfit (win!)
getting all 3 to smile and look at the camera is quite the challenge

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  • Reply CBS June 22, 2021 at 7:10 am

    Oh I loved this, it inspired me to look at my goal list for the year. Things are going pretty well workwise, I’ve gotten a few publications submitted and applied for loads of jobs (although no joy yet). And house is coming along, we moved before Christmas. We have a few adventures planned for summer and I’m hoping to snag a date or two with my husband. One thing I need to reevaluate is my yoga practice – I hate online yoga and need to stop beating myself up about it. Just a few stretches everyday and I can get back to it once I’ve had my vaccine and it feels safe.

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