Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #150: Life Updates: The Good, the Bad, and the Planners

June 12, 2023

Life Update Episode


  • Best Laid Plans Academy – first two cohorts are complete, and I think they went really well!  I learned a lot (and I think the participants did too!), and am so glad I took the plunge to develop this program.
  • My running life.  I haven’t had this much fun with running since something like 2009!
  • Reading!! I haven’t exactly followed my plan, but I have been reading consistently — and some REALLY good books, too. (2023 books so far: HERE).
  • Parenting and integrating my hybrid career. I feel like I’ve had more time with the kids, which has been a good thing.  My hybrid schedule generally feels fun – I feel ready for another day of clinic when it’s a M / W / F and excited to do creative work the other days.
  • Time wasted on screens has been at probably a decade low. Yay!!!


  • As I wrote about last week, I’m just struggling to figure out how to fit things in. I truly want to do more than the hours available to me. (Comments in the post and this one have some great ideas, though. I recorded this episode before posting these posts.)


  • I totally have it. Maybe I just need to embrace changing up my system every quintile!?!? GAHH! I’m currently in the Sterling Ink B6 + a very pretty Moleskine notebook, and still using my Hobonichi 5 year + EC Monthly notebook. It’s working and yet I don’t really feel planner peace. I’m craving some bigger pages and spreads. As noted, I stress-ordered some stuff while on call so . . . maybe I’ll be trying some new things soon.
Top 2 are the 2 volumes of the Sterling Ink Common Planner (B6 size); then comes the A5 Moleskine; then a Flame Tree notebook I’m using on call!

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  • Reply Lisa of Lisa's Yarns June 12, 2023 at 12:29 pm

    Raising my hand over here about the comment about having the toddler years in the rear view mirror. We are still in the midst of that stage but I will not be sad when it’s over to be honest. I think 4+ is the sweet spot for me.

    I’m glad reading is going well! My reading felt a bit meh at the start of the year but I’ve read some really great books that will likely make my best of list for the year!

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