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February 15, 2022

Notes coming at you a day late – you will see why later in the post.

Episode #81: Getting Through Tough Times

Who knew I’d still be needing my own tips after this episode was released? More on that later, but here were my 5 main points – in part inspired by your comments on this post.

1- You can temporarily be excused from habits if they do not serve you during a period of time.

  • example: post baby, getting up early may not serve you.
  • workout regimen during high-stress times – even athletes practice seasonality

2- Simple self-care means a lot.  Some of this is as basic as they come.

  • FOOD.  One day I subsisted on stale chips, graham crackers and peanut butter.  I DIDN’T HAVE TO!  If you know you are going into a hard week, plan in advance.
    • Frozen meals
    • Snacks.  Bring a week’s worth into work.
    • Hydration.  Pay attention, it will backfire if you don’t with a headache 
  • SLEEP.  yes, this may limit your ability to do ‘extras’.  It’s worth it.  PRE PLAN to prioritize sleep so you won’t feel guiliy about making a trade off.

3- Ask others for help + be very clear in what you are hoping for, don’t make people guess

  • I could have preplanned more childcare.  I didn’t – and was not the most patient with my kids.  

4- Don’t be afraid to say no if someone is asking for favors during a hard week.  Don’t make things harder than they already are.  Don’t agree to do something the very first moment you are free, either.

5- If things feel like they are accumulating, start a separate list.  Call it “after the storm” or something.

  • Can capture everything and perhaps make a time slot on your calendar to then assign / plan out the catch up.
  • Try very hard to have S P A C E on the agenda after a heavy work period.  I struggle with this.

6- If possible – plan in some future rejuvenating time.  BLOCK IT OUT NOW.

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We are back from Disney! We had a fun time and made some great memories. Am I a Disney-holic who needs to go frequently? Definitely not — every few years is about right for us. It’s so expensive and crowded, and there are other trips I’d rather be taking most of the time. BUT, I also admit it has its charms and is drivable in half a day from our house – about 3.5 hours. Will share more pix + details in a later post.

I did not plan on picking up norovirus (I’m assuming) while there, but . . . well. Best laid plans, right? I woke up yesterday morning with horrible GI symptoms and somehow passed out on the carpet hitting my nose attempting to get back to the bed. I had to cancel my clinic + move patients (no one would have wanted to see me in that state). My GI symptoms gradually improved throughout the day and I think I’m essentially over it BUT G was up multiple times with the same thing and now of course I fear that it will run through the entire house.


Deep breath, follow my own advice, one day at a time.

Yesterday’s small victory: I still didn’t feel very well and told the kids I wasn’t going to be able to put together the Valentine’s Day treasure hunt we usually do. Annabel immediately volunteered to do it, and did an excellent job!! I was so proud, it was a highlight.

Josh and I didn’t do anything to celebrate but we are hoping for a makeup date later on, perhaps when no one has norovirus . . .


  • Reply Ashley February 15, 2022 at 7:17 am

    Ahhhhhh, 2 of my kids were sick last week and then one of the same kids was throwing up again yesterday. Somehow the other 4 of us in the house escaped last week. Hoping we are as lucky this time. Fingers crossed the rest of your house stays healthy!

  • Reply CBS February 15, 2022 at 7:29 am

    Oh yikes Sarah. My son threw up on Wednesday, said he felt much better so we assumed car sickness, then 48 hours later, I was sick, followed by my husband. I rolled my eyes at nursery’s 48 hour rule while I was working with my perfectly healthy kid on an iPad at my feet, but there is apparently a very good justification for it. I was supposed to deliver a talk on Saturday, cancelled at 4am after no sleep. We then spent Saturday delirious and napping (all of us in one bed. Husband and kiddo are ok now but I’m still pretty fragile and I’m glad we are on strike this week, as I’d have never made it (nor should I have tried) on a plane. Hope you are all on the mend.

    I was thinking about your episode last night, and I travel Monday-Wednesday for work and everyone seems to think it’s miserable but I’ve got good coping mechanisms in terms of expecting the unexpected in terms of flights, making my airport routine which most people find stressful as pleasant as possible, working long days whilst I’m away, but with a nice takeaway lunch on Mondays and a good book in the evening. I try to treat the time away as time for hard work and also self care.

  • Reply Sharon February 15, 2022 at 8:55 am

    Norovirus is the absolute worst- I’m so sorry Sarah! I have a legit phobia of vomiting, sadly even in my own kids. It’s one reason why I became a veterinarian instead of a physician! Wishing the rest of your family stays healthy and you and G feel 100% soon.

  • Reply Sarah D February 15, 2022 at 9:21 am

    I love that you followed your own advice, and delegated to Annabel rather than try to pull off the treasure hunt! ❤️ All great recommendations. Crossing my fingers the virus spares the rest of you- we just had it and for the first time ever, only 1 out of 5 got sick!

  • Reply Lisa of Lisa's Yarns February 15, 2022 at 9:49 am

    Oh no! I am so sorry you got sick! I hope Josh, C and A stay healthy! But I am glad you had a fun family getaway together.

    I nodded my head a lot while listening to this episode yesterday. My work is very different from yours so my stress/overwhelm comes from parenting and balancing work + parenting. The last several months have been really challenging for us as the baby had non-stop ear infections for 2 months so he was up 2-4 times/night and since he nurses, I handled all the wake-ups. So I was so over tired all of the time. But it taught me to be explicit about what I needed help on – like asking if I could nap in the basement guest room on weekend afternoons so I would be less likely to get woken up by one/both kids. I can be guilty of thinking my husband (who does A LOT for our household and is as equal a partner as you can be when the mom is nursing) can read my mind and knows what I need. And I have definitely cut myself some slack on the working out front when I am sleeping poorly.

    Hang in there, Sarah!

  • Reply Elizabeth Wine February 19, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    Hello! When I recently had a crazy week I used a food allergy friendly meal prep service in town so I did not have to think about any of my foods for the week. I will sometimes also before a crazy week make a double batch of some meals or baked goods that I’m making so I can throw some in the freezer to pull out during that week.

    It’s been years since I have been at a place where I have been on call (I am a clinical social worker) but the most helpful thing someone ever said to me was something along the lines of expect that it will ring, and know you are qualified and capable to handle what’s on the other end of the line. That was helpful to me as I was just out of grad school at that point and doubted my own knowledge.

    Being in private practice now, we refer people to our county’s mental health crisis center after hours, where they can either call or go in person. Due to covid I highly have encouraged clients to use that if needed versus going to an overcrowded ER. I do not miss call, it is hard and I can’t imagine the spinning plates you have to balance those weeks!

    Grateful for you, this blog and this pod!

  • Reply Megan Jacoby February 21, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    I got norovirus at Disney World in 2011 – it was THE WORST. I was nursing my 6-month-old and ended up in the ER two days in a row needing fluids. Fingers crossed everyone is feeling better by now in your house!

  • Reply Vicki Hamill February 22, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Hi Sarah – I know this comment is not on the corresponding episodes page (episode 82) but the show notes for it aren’t up yet and I thought I’d forget if I don’t do it now. Just wanted to say – yes please do an episode on your routines by day that you pondered doing on episode 82 😀 I would love that – I’m fascinated by peoples daily schedules.

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