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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

The Podcast

Episode #204: Thoughts on Time Block Planning

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on Time Block planning, a method suggested by Cal Newport, among others. I discuss pros, cons, and my own approach to daily planning. I also discuss my recent decision to entirely eliminate Reddit scrolling from my life!…

June 24, 2024
Fitness Goals life

Workouts / Reading / Screen Time

Workouts M: Bittersweet group run because one of the members is moving to BRAZIL! We will miss her!! 8.18 mi @ 9:58/mi ave (included a run/walk portion). T: 2 mi warmup, 12 x (1 min fast / 2 min recovery), 2 mi cooldown. 8…

June 23, 2024

5 on Friday: Random Fun Stuff Edition

1- Very interesting episode of 10% Happier on GLP-1 agonists with (sometimes controversial) author Johann Hari: I wasn’t surprised by much in this episode, but I appreciated his honesty and vulnerability. Definitely worth a listen. 2- Olympic Trials!!! I’m super excited for the Olympics…

June 21, 2024

Midday Rambles

THE SEAL IS BROKEN I finally started my book proposal document!! I’ve done so much thinking about this, and I have little notes and ideas saved in various places, but today was the first day I actually started putting together an actual document. I…

June 20, 2024
life Parenting

Work Days + Things

Drumroll please . . . I’m going with TUES / THURS / FRIDAY! After a thorough analysis I think this will have a few benefits, which I will detail below. I will be taking my lighter day (it’s like 2/3 of a full day,…

June 19, 2024

Summer Life

This is a day late, but we had such a nice and CHILL weekend. There was almost nothing on the family calendar and it was what we all needed. (Or at least what I needed!) We did see Inside Out 2 and went out…

June 18, 2024
Fitness Reading

Workouts + Reading

Running + Strength I’m not sure when 47 miles started to feel like a lower mileage week, but it kind of did. This level of running felt very manageable — I guess because most of the weekday runs were closer to an hour rather…

June 16, 2024
Habits life


I recognize this feeling. It took me a while to accept that Instagram (quit in 2021 after this post) had basically become my new Facebook (quit in 2016). I need to accept that Reddit has become my new Instagram. And I’m really not willing…

June 15, 2024

Random Catch Up Things

I gave myself a very chill agenda today. Yesterday we ended up having massive flooding in the area and I had flashbacks to the scariest drive I ever took (April 2023). I did end up making it home (everyone at work stayed in touch…

June 13, 2024