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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


Beach Sunrise + Crowding Out Undesired Habits

Beach I definitely take living near the beach for granted. Monday night, I stayed overnight at a resort that likely will be the location for BLPA Live. I didn’t feel like I wanted to commit to a hotel without experiencing it first hand! It…

March 8, 2023
Best Laid Plans The Podcast

BLP Ep #136: Mixed Bag!

Today’s episode is a mixed bag! Planner Peace From a physician with 3 young children (younger than mine!): “I started using the Planner Pad (thanks to this podcast!) and love being able to list out weekly tasks both by category and then assign them…

March 6, 2023

Workout Report Etc

Base Building Week No super hard or intimidating (to me) workouts this week, just miles. I guess I am base building! (Still trying to decide on next race, but probably Jacksonville Marathon vs Kiawah Island Marathon. Probably the former, but they haven’t officially released…

March 5, 2023

2 Fails and 1 Success

FAILURE #1: CALAMITY STRUCK on Thursday night and I LOST MY CURRENT FAVORITE PEN! It’s still in my house somewhere, I am sure of it. But I can’t find it. (Since I’m sure at least someone wants to know, my current favorite pen is…

March 4, 2023
Planners Weekend

5 on a Friday: Influenced Edition

1- All’s Well that Ends Well . . . it’s Friday! I am in a much better mood, for no reason in particular. Today has been a good clinical day. I am looking forward to the weekend even though Josh has call. (I dreaded…

March 3, 2023
Best Laid Plans Fitness Work

Hard Moments and Positive Things

I had hard day yesterday. It was a clinical day, and there were a couple of down moments. I started to spiral a bit but then: (Yes, I consider my physician role a job and not a calling or my defining feature. It is…

March 2, 2023

Happy March!

A more routine month . . . February was filled with fun things, as discussed yesterday. March appears to be . . . a bit more mundane. No holidays, no real travel, no family birthdays requiring party planning (though I will have to think…

March 1, 2023

February Moments

Quite a Month! February was truly a lot of fun. And while I didn’t meet all of my goals (books page, organizing projects, and photobook continue to languish; BLPA dates are set but location is between 3 hotels) — I would call it a…

February 28, 2023
Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #135: Planning Your Passions

Planner Peace: Notion + More This submission comes from Coree: “You mentioned Notion on a recent pod – some thoughts in case they are helpful. I used Evernote for ages until it got too crowded + clunky and then used Word for everything for a…

February 27, 2023
Fitness life

Workout Report + Super Fun Weekend

NC was so much fun! It was short but SOOO worth it to spend time with old dear friends!!! I have no idea which photos they would want me to share here so I will just say it was amazing. We celebrated their 10th…

February 26, 2023