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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans Goals The Podcast

2021 Goals Countdown: Blog/Pod

Prior lists: Family Work Personal Blog: I would just like to continue to post regularly (most days) + be better about circling back to requested topics/questions. I think I am pretty good at this, but could be better! I am thrilled with the level…

December 31, 2020
COVID19 Planners

Quarantine Continues + Giveaway Winners

Well. Just as we were starting to near the latter part of the kids’ quarantine countdown (today is day #12), we have restarted the clock. Josh tested positive yesterday. He has had cough and significant fatigue the past few days. We both tested negative…

December 30, 2020
Best Laid Plans Goals

2021 Goals Countdown: Work (and a Giveaway!)

PROFESSIONAL GOALS I recognize these might not be very exciting to read, but for completeness of the series, I must include them! Projects: I have two academic projects of focus for 2021. a) research involving a coaching program for the residents. I am doing…

December 29, 2020
Best Laid Plans

BLP Ep #23: Year End Q&A

It’s an all Q&A episode! Notes on the questions answered are shared below. Keep the questions coming!! Email me (here), leave a comment, or reach out on Insta. 1- From Jennie: Insert Book I want to know how you decide what goes into an…

December 28, 2020
Goals Habits

2021 Goals Countdown: Personal

Thank you for your kind notes yesterday. Everyone is still doing okay. The waiting game continues . . . And in the meantime, 2021 is marching ever closer! So we will continue this goals series. I was going to write about WORK, but Sunday…

December 27, 2020
COVID19 life Parenting

Current Situation

I was going to write a post filled with self-pity about how all of the fun I had planned for Camp Mommy could no longer happen. Actually, I did write it. But I just deleted it. Because we are still okay, and every day…

December 26, 2020
COVID19 life

Breathe in, Breathe Out

Our Christmas Cheer: everyone is still physically healthy so far. Every day that I wake up and everyone seems to be okay, I feel immense gratitude and relief. Just counting down until we are past this. In other news . . . I made…

December 25, 2020

2021 Goals Countdown: Family

Despite the fact that I started thinking about 2021 goals at the beginning of November (#plannerproblems), it has taken me a long time to come up with my list. However, as we hang out at home and wait for the New Year to arrive…

December 24, 2020

Quarantine & Other Things

Hello. Rather than go into details regarding our current situation, here are some other goings on while we wait things out (and hopefully all stay healthy). Thus far everyone is physically okay. Yeah, I’m anxious. But it is what it is at this point.…

December 23, 2020
COVID19 life

The Inevitable

Well. The kids are out of school. I will be done with work after today (yay!). We have no plans to go anywhere, which is good. Because we are embarking on our first quarantine. For privacy reasons, I am not going to get into…

December 22, 2020