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5 on a Friday: TS Edition

1- Weather anxiety Agh. Summer in FL is never pleasant; people always assume this means “hot”, like Arizona or something. Yes, it’s a bit hot that is not the issue. Rather, it’s the near-constant threat of flooding downpours and violent thunderstorms. As much as…

June 3, 2022

email & attention fragmentation

When do you first check email in the morning? How often do you check it after that? I tend to open up email when I open up my WordPress to write the morning’s blog post. By the time I am at that point in…

June 2, 2022

June: Musings

Yesterday, Kae posted an interesting comment: I wonder if part of what has made you feel more “upbeat” lately is the shift in the stage of the pandemic? I mean, I know people have been doing things again in public again for a long…

June 1, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend Contained Multitudes

We had quite a full weekend after our getaway! Josh and I picked up the kids midday Saturday and somehow we managed to fit in: A sleepover with A’s friend Bowling @ Sparez (I lost, lol — I am terrible. But the kids had…

May 31, 2022
Travel Weekend

Short but Sweet: Islamorada

If you’re keeping track, I am very into 2-night mini-breaks. Not knocking longer vacations — those are great too — but I love having a little respite and break to look forward to. May 2021 – anniversary trip w Josh to Captiva September 2021…

May 28, 2022
Reading Travel

Friday in Islamorada

From my peaceful porch . . . Josh and I made it — we didn’t leave until hours later than planned and checked in at 10pm because #surgery but we are here and I am happy and so grateful for this mini-respite from the…

May 27, 2022
life Reading

It’s Thursday?

I definitely thought it was Friday until the moment I went to title this post. Yesterday was a somber one — I kept thinking of Tuesday’s massacre and cried on more than one occasion just thinking about it. I did make a donation and…

May 26, 2022

Sad, scary, and depressing

Yesterday’s news is absolutely heartbreaking. Thinking of the many families this has devastated. Thinking of the fear and mistrust that is increasing everywhere else. Thinking about the shocking fact that my children have to hear and think about this at all as a regular…

May 25, 2022
life Reading Travel

Summer Things

First, I am happy to report no one seems to have COVID. C had a mild cough which is better and tested negative. (A had similar symptoms 1 week ago and also tested negative). Assuming G (or Josh, or me?) will be next week’s…

May 24, 2022