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Podcast: Best Laid Plans

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Call is Over!

Whew. Last week was my first ‘real’ call week in quite some time. I went into it feeling pretty good. And . . . I really lucked out. Honestly, it was a really chill call week. I had a few patients to see each…

September 8, 2020
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5 on a Friday: School Edition!

1- G & C are happy to be back Yep, those 2 headed back earlier this week! A is home (hence the bare feet in her back to school portrait). The pic shown of G was taken as she eagerly ran back into the…

September 4, 2020
Habits life

Technology Thoughts, Continued

Loved hearing everyone’s thoughts on yesterday’s post. I wanted to comment on the Apple Watch suggestion — I do not have an Apple watch (or AirPods!) even though I use a MacBook pro at home and have always had iPhones. (I have never gotten…

September 3, 2020

Habit Series: The Scroll & Screen Time Minutes

I have been averaging ~160 minutes/day of screen time. I use Apple’s Screen Time feature, and then manually subtract minutes spent on apps like Haiku (for seeing patients), Doximity (for seeing patients), Webex (work meetings), and TigerText (work texting platform). Still though – over…

September 2, 2020
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Hi! It’s September!

No more numbering. However, I do plan on returning here daily like I did for months on end. This space and you all (readers!) have been such a source of comfort throughout. So thank you! I’m on call this week. I haven’t been on…

September 1, 2020

Day 165: BREAK

It’s time. Just need a bit of space, extra time, etc. And it had to end eventually! See you Monday. XO, SHU…

August 27, 2020
COVID19 life

Day 164: Various

1- Back to work. In Person! I have been doing primarily telehealth since our July surge hit, but it feels right to go back to work and offer patients the option of either in person or telehealth (ie, leave it up to them). I’m…

August 26, 2020
COVID19 Planners Work

Day 163: Still Alive

A post ~8 hours later than usual!? WHO AM I? Well, today I am a residency program director with a big ACGME reporting deadline 🙂 I wouldn’t say I put this project off tooooooo much, but it is due this Friday and I was…

August 25, 2020