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5 on a Friday

1- ย  ย I turn 39 on Monday. Um, yay? My SIL sent me the best gift: Totally unnecessary but man, what a fun surprise in the mail yesterday! 2- My parents are visiting! I’ve been working, but I still think it’s been fun for…

May 17, 2019
life Work

The Ideal Week

I wanted to revisit last week’s post for a moment. Particularly to note that this the template I drew out is a fantasy. I do feel like it’s useful to have an ideal, pie-in-the-sky schedule in my mind, so I know what I am…

May 15, 2019
Parenting Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend

Not going to lie: I went into the weekend with low expectations. But it ended up being really nice. Busy, but (relatively) relaxing. Josh didn’t work much which . . . is basically what made it amazing (there was a ~1.5-2 hr chunk on…

May 13, 2019

5 for Friday

1- Reading update (part 1). I just finished reading Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. I liked it overall! There wasn’t too much filler for my taste, it was well-written, and I feel like it had a few nice tools that were worth the…

May 10, 2019

Thoughts on the “Lean Out” Facebook Rant

Well! Maybe I don’t actually need to churn out content anymore! You all did an amazing job teasing out some of the nuances of the #facebookmomrant in the comments section of Monday’s post. And I love that different people saw different angles. I purposely…

May 8, 2019
Weekend Work

Some Weekends Just Aren’t That Amazing

And that’s okay. I was on call this past weekend, and while it was actually not that busy work-wise, I just didn’t feel great. No one is sick here (and for that I am grateful! We’ve actually had a nice long healthy stretch in…

May 6, 2019

Updates: Planner-related, Body Image & Weight, Time

1-    Planner thoughts, ~5 months in. As many of you are well aware, I reviewed multiple planners in 2018 but ended up sticking with my old favorite, the Hobonichi Techo Cousin. We are now 5 months into the year and I can safely…

May 2, 2019

Conference Reflections: PES Baltimore

As I mentioned previously, I haven’t been doing much work-related travel recently. In fact, the last pediatric endocrinology conference I attended was also in Baltimore, in 2016! I was definitely due. As I finish this post, I am wrapping up my 4 day conference…

April 29, 2019

Time passing, kid-free time, and other things

I commented to Josh yesterday that I am excited to one day have Big Kids. 3 children that don’t need to be hovered over! I can’t even imagine what that future will be like. (Though I did realize that by the time G reaches…

April 24, 2019

Laptop Upgrade!

Hooray! I can see the entire screen again. I bit the bullet and ordered a new MacBook Pro approximately 1 year ahead of my standard new laptop every 5 years schedule. This particular edition was annoyingly expensive, and has no USB drive (seriously?). But…

April 21, 2019