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Podcast: Best of Both Worlds

Podcast: Best Laid Plans


That End of the Month Feeling

(When I started writing this post I did not plan on writing a “Ta Da” type list but I did and it made me happy. So, I recommend this if you are struggling with any end-of-the-month feelings about what you didn’t get done. You…

January 31, 2024


I am not a “throw piles of things on the floor” kind of person, usually. However, I wasn’t kidding about January being an incredibly packed month. I’m not sad about fitting so many things in, but this finally had to happen: BEFORE: AFTER: I…

January 30, 2024
Fitness Reading

Weekly Workouts + Reading

Higher Mileage Week This week I hit 59 miles, in part because I moved Monday’s run to Sunday (dropping A at school at 6 AM for her field trip Monday = no run time! And Josh is doing the same thing with C on…

January 28, 2024

Weekend Things

Catching Up I feel like I’m finally catching up on life after a hectic stretch! It hasn’t been particularly bad-hectic or even stressful-hectic. It’s just that most days have been filled with lot of ‘hard landscape’ activities that didn’t leave much room for life…

January 27, 2024
life Reading

5 on a Friday: Random Assortment Edition

1- “ANYWAYS . . . ” — I recently noticed that everyone (not just my tween . . .) is saying “anyways.” It came up in conversation with a millennial colleague and sounded very natural rolling off her tongue but I always think it…

January 26, 2024


And it’s not even over yet! Actually nothing catastrophic happened. Just a lot of minor drama and driving around (history fair during the school day! away basketball game! dr appt! soccer! dance!). (Though I am not driving for soccer tonight because it overlaps with…

January 25, 2024
Goals life

Treat Day + January Goals

Treat Day! Yesterday was the grand finale of BLP at Home: Planning 2024 so I decided to celebrate a bit. I ended up with a treat trifecta: Despite all that I did work a decent amount (recorded a podcast with Kae among other things!)…

January 24, 2024

Catching Up

Weekend Overview We (me + all 3 kids) saw Mean Girls (2024 musical version). It was fun to see Tina Fey reprise her role, and some elements of the original DID need updating. At the same time, for me it didn’t quite have the…

January 23, 2024
Best Laid Plans

Episode #182: Nested Goals Explained!

In today’s episode, I share how her year is shaping up so far, including a report on my planner choices for the year. Then, the episode is devoted to a deep dive into Nested Goal Setting – my method for setting goals and identifying…

January 22, 2024