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December 30, 2005

2006. i like it. i’ve always liked even years better than odd ones, for no particular reason except that they are just ‘nicer’ numbers. to me, i mean. someone else might really dig the ‘3’ and ‘7’. i happen to be all about 2, 4, 6, 8, and the beautiful, beautiful 0.

well. so. here is a list of 16 (even AND a square!) things i plan to attempt in 2006. just you all watch as i do them ALL and then take over the world (though that’s not on the list).

1. slow down. i already talked about this one. it’s hard.

2. take calcium. my sister and i are having a calcium/flossing contest. first one to SKIP a day, starting on 1.1.06, has to take the other (and josh) out for pizza. hmm, it looks like josh wins no matter what. lucky dog.

3. keep more careful track of finances and stick to some sort of budget. my biggest budget problem area is definitely eating out. so this resolution goes very nicely with . . .

4. plan ahead each week to make good, cost-effective, and healthy dinners. god, who AM i, martha stewart?

5. make packed lunches for josh & me. so i already do this for myself, but i want to start doing it for him, too. his hours are going to get crazy again and i honestly have more time to do this than he does. plus, i think it’s sorta fun. i hope he likes pb & j . . . just kidding (sort of).

6. lift weights / revisit yoga / ie, do something to actually build some muscle. running 40-50+ miles/week is great training for my heart and makes my calves huge, but that’s about it. plus, i will admit, i’m vain and i want my arms to look fabulously sculpted in my wedding dress. wouldn’t you?

7. send deserving mad bitches late xmas/holiday/whateva gifts. i have some ideas in mind, but i’m not posting them here, suckas.

8. relax more. for serious. about everything.

9. watch tv only purposefully. ie, if i want to watch show X, then i can watch it. if i’m just turning the damn thing on to make background noise, then no. unless i’m folding laundry; then it doesn’t count.

10. keep up this blog! and maybe a return to some of the spinoffs . . .

11. continue to run without stressing about improvement (or lack thereof). specific goals: nashville marathon on april 29, some speed-focused training through the summer, and maybe the kiawah island marathon in december. we’ll see.

12. hang out with rebecca more!!! a LOT more!

13. keep my #$*(&@# cell phone charged. i don’t know why i can’t manage to do this. it’s really not that hard.

14. explore new movies/music/books

15. read at least 1 scientific paper/day, unless on vacation

16. remember to appreciate/enjoy every day. despite the large number of spazzy/complaint-filled posts (actually, i’m trying to cut down on these — is it working?) i am so incredibly lucky in so many ways and i really shouldn’t forget it. in order to help me remember this, and because i really should anyway, i’m going to pick some sort of different charitable organization each month to give SOMETHING to.

aaaaaaaaaaaand there you have it.

you might be thinking, ‘HA! what an overambitious bunch of crap!’. and you might be right. let’s look at my track record:

2005: an odd year (but a good one)

what was resolved . . . and did it happen?

1. keep in better touch with people (especially friends who don’t live so close)
i would say . . . yes! thanks to more time and more traveling. i hope this trend continues.

2. pay more attention to where my money goes so that i am consciously choosing where to blow it (rather than just doing so haphazardly)
um. not so much (hence the re-resolution). but i did earn more of it (kaplan!) and so am less poor than i used to, despite thousands of dollars poured into my car and my teeth.

3. cook more/eat out less/eat more vegetables and (mostly) only organic meat

4. take calcium even though the pills are big and make me want to gag
damnit. but this time i think success is more likely; i have a CONTEST going on for motivation!

5. avoid rushing through things, especially in lab.

6. avoid stressing out about class
i think i did ok with this one.

7. try really really hard not to sleep through seminars
i did TRY. usually.

8. take more trips and make them long enough (i feel like we’re usually so pressed for time whenever we go anywhere, and sometimes it kind of ruins the fun)
yes! this current vacation is definitely much less stressful than last year’s version, at least so far.

9. start learning spanish
so once i abandoned my aspirations of clinical medicine, i lost all motivation to work on this one. but that’s a poor excuse.

10. run some races (half marathon 3.5.05 and maybe the philadelphia distance run?) and get over my systematic avoidance of lifting weights (due to both laziness and ineptitude)
HA! i didn’t even consider a marathon! but the weights, ohhhh . . . perhaps my wedding dress really will be enough inspiration.

11. read more books (and less trash) and make an effort to find new music to enrich iPod

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

wow, this was scarily long. i’m off to miami. don’t do anything i wouldn’t do.

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