the best

June 24, 2008

i had a rough clinic today. pregnant teenagers and weird rashes and lightheaded kids who ‘fall out’ during physical activity (ie faint, ie syncope, ie cardiology referral!). everyone had issues, and everyone wanted me to make their issues go away. as usual, i got caught up in the mania and started getting agitated, but i pulled it together in the end. and i really did enjoy the kids DESPITE the issues, and was happy that for once my clinic wasn’t just filled with roly poly 4-month-olds who just drool and look cute.

and my reward? after getting pumped full of 4 shots each (seriously, their arms were covered in band-aids) and poked and prodded everywhere by moi, the mom of a 9 and 11 year old (both with ISSUES) said to me, unprovoked and beaming, “they really liked you. they said you were so nice!”.

and that was the best.


in other news, i just finished a solitary dinner of tilapia with spring vegetables cooked in parchment and portuguese white wine. it would have tasted better with josh here but it was still pretty good. hopefully he will get out of the OR soon!

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