drink up

August 26, 2009

so yesterday was a bit . . . rough. more on that later. first, i must bring you the latest news on something very close to many of our eco-loving, health-embracing hearts:

yes, it concerns your water bottle. and it’s about BPA.

i don’t know how we even got on the subject, but yesterday, not even knowing that i’ve been chugging H20 from a sigg for the past year, the intern casually mentioned that he had read on some blog about how many of the bottles actually DO contain the substance.

i am not a super-organic, chemical fearing person (although perhaps i am headed that way). however, from what i have read, there is enough research on BPA to have me concerned enough to want to avoid it when i can, especially since there are many drinking vessel alternatives available. after all, that was what i thought i was doing with my sigg!

but unfortunately, through the brassy metal interior shines the truth: my bottle does contain the stuff. whether it actually leaches out of the old lining or not is up for debate, but i know that i still would have chosen a different bottle if i had known there was BPA present.

HA. yes, i designed this one myself.

the story is much more fleshed out in the link (also posted above), but the gist is that the sigg company quietly continued to sell off BPA-containing stock for over a year (some old bottles are still available!) while marketing their bottles as a safe alternative to nalgene, which took a ton of BPA heat around that same time.

not very honest, and not very nice.

since i dislike hormone disrupters, i now need a new bottle. and perhaps so do some of you! here are some alternatives i am considering:

above, we have the klean kanteen. a truly BPA-free alternative, this bottle looks fairly similar to the sigg. cons: i wish they had more colors, and that a better speller had created the brand name.

now THIS is a bottle. presenting the absolutely gorgeous kor. it’s like a bottle of vodka met an iMac and had a clean and fashionable baby!

ooh, COLORS. but this bottle is $30 and bigger than i would want (750 ml = more water than i ever drink at one sitting). if they made a mini version, i’d be all over it.

finally, there’s always the classic NALGENE, which is now BPA-free. however, for some reason this brand conjures up images of dirty hikers and tie-dye and doesn’t really attract me like the others.

so i’m leaning towards the klean kanteen. but the jury is still out!

what kind of bottle do you carry? and was anyone else dismayed to learn about a tainted sigg?

mec madness
all right, with all of that fuss over hydration, i’ve run out of time to say much about yesterday’s happenings. there was one rather dicey meconium delivery that had me trying to intubate — twice — and failing. luckily, the infant perked right up with a little bag-mask-ventilation, but i was really not happy that i had been unable to get an endotracheal tube in for suctioning during the heat of the moment like i was supposed to.

i’m discouraged. i feel like i need a remedial intubation tutorial or something. it’s not that i don’t understand the mechanics of it, or what is supposed to happen — i can tube a mannequin in 0.02 seconds. however, in real life i can NEVER SEE WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO SEE. there are interns that have racked up more intubations than i have, and it’s disheartening. even though i am not ashamed to admit that i HATE codes and emergencies, i want — and need — to be competent at dealing with them.

cindy, want to come to NC and help me out!?? i’m only half joking.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical (levels 9-12) + weights
– 2 x 12 pushups
– 2 x 12 leg press, 90 lbs
– 2 x 12 walking lunges, 8 lb weights
– 2 x 12 bicep curls, 12 lb
– 2 x 12 lateral/forward raises, 5 lb weights
– 2 x 15 ball tucks (abs)

i was supposed to run but didn’t look at my schedule! oh well, easy enough to switch things around.

doin’ time: no martha — instead we used up some leftovers! but i do have this lovely laptop leftovers lunch photo to share:

yum, fridge clean-out.

reading: 35 minutes on reflux.