recovery, continued

February 24, 2010

i’m starting to feel like me again. who knew that all it would take was a little time off and a couple of (GOOD) night’s rest? probably all of you. i was just a bit slow on the uptake. finishing up my duty hour logging for the month, i noted that during the last rotation i averaged nearly 70 hours/week — yep, 10 hours shy of my ‘allotment’ per the ACGME.

somehow, it felt like more. good thing i wasn’t maxed out: i might have cracked!

i’ve had a lovely 2 days of a very light work schedule, perfect for catching up on . . . you know, life. in the past 48 hours, i have:

☑ finished applying for my medical license
☑ scheduled multiple (important) meetings
☑ seen the eye doctor (needed new contacts)
☑ figured out a basic game plan for a big presentation i have to give next month
☑ run about 5,000 errands in chapel hill
☑ assembled an exciting birthday gift pack for vickie (i know i’m early, but it just sort of came together!)
☑ started looking into new research possibilities for fellowship (i’m having some thoughts about clinical rather than basic science research)

getting my impending doom! list down to size really does make me feel a million times better. only now am i able to see that there was just no way to do these things last month. i wish i had just accepted that rather than beating myself up for it.

moving onto tastier topics
i posted a while back about my excitement about receiving some naturally nutty to sample, but i am pretty sure i have not posted any real reviews.

i broke into the third jar yesterday — the other two are still in the fridge, bringing the current population of active nut butter specimens in our kitchen to 5 (what? is that a lot or something?).

the vanilla almond butter pictured above is my favorite of the three flavors i received.

ingredient list: organic almonds, organic flax seed, organic vanilla powder, organic hemp seed, organic palm fruit oil

true to its short ingredient list, this variety tastes very pure, with a grittiness presumably from the flax and hemp seeds. it was easy to stir up due to the addition of palm fruit oil (although i am a nut-butter-stirring aficionado and don’t really mind doing it — it’s almost part of the excitement and anticipation of starting a new jar!).

i would definitely recommend this to almond butter lovers who want something a little different. i’m actually dying to try some of the flavors that weren’t included in the sampler pack! the website offers a ‘make your own sampler’ option that i am totally going for once these babies are finished. my dream pack:




workout: 7 miles on the TM, done as a pyramid at 0.5% incline: 9:13/mi, 8:57/mi, 8:41/mi, 8:27/mi, 8:41/mi, 8:57/mi, 9:13/mi. my legs felt fairly fresh and my body not terribly deconditioned by my lazy streak much-needed break.

locally grown: a new vegetable found its way into our kitchen via our bella bean delivery service. anyone heard of tatsoi before? i certainly hadn’t. according to wikipedia, it is a hardy bok choy-like vegetable with a “subtle yet distinctive flavor.” apparently it can even be harvested from under the snow — good thing given our recent weather!

raw in the salad spinner
after steaming, served with brown rice and wild salmon with a honey-soy glaze
reading: a review article on autism. oh my god, i feel motivated to learn again! miraculous!!


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    What cute little check boxes! Glad you&#39re feeling better!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    mmmm what great sampler choices. and i&#39m glad that youre starting to feel recouped. send some good nights of sleep my way? 😉

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I have NO idea how anyone works 70 hour weeks…or more. Working 40 is exhausting! I had to stay until 3am to help out earlier this week, and by 3am I was exhausted and was definitely happy that I was there to help turn people and run labs etc rather than actually being responsible for patients! I don&#39t know how doctors do it with being on call and everything.

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