true value

February 25, 2010

time, money, or both?
i came across this article recently, and found it interesting. in it, writer laura rowley comments on a poll of 1,000 adults, 25% of which said that they would work every day for a year in return for double their current incomes.

that is a powerful statistic! to me, it says a couple of things:

1. people really don’t know what it feels like to work day after day after day after day after day without any sort of break. if they did, i have to believe the figure would be lower.

2. a lot of people are really stressed out about money. (and probably for good reason.)

i mean, obviously, right? the economy is in the toilet, jobs are hard to come by. but this fact illustrates that this weighs heavily on many, severely impacting quality of life to the point that they would rather work daily (for a year) than continue to be stressed by struggling to make ends meet.

the writer goes on to illustrate why — even in financially tough situations — in reality, a neverending work week is not such a great option. for one, taxes will get you. second, your life will fall apart, which is bad (duh) and can also ultimately be expensive! in the comments, one person wrote in about how working continuously he completely lost control of his home life, to the point where his fridge broke and he didn’t have time to get it fixed and just kept it shut and left the food to rot inside. a vivid (and gross) picture of a life fail, i think.

all this is why i stand firmly on the time side when i think about which commodity i value more. i realize that this is probably due to the fact that i am not in dire straits financially, but know first-hand the horrors of a (nearly) continuous work week.

i am not very frugal (understatement). i think i am pretty generous, and i like to save a bit, but spend too, rather than delay gratification to some time in the future. i tend to value experiences over cash, and even over material goods (unless they’re from anthro — their clothes come with the fun experiences of shopping for and wearing them!).

but even i have my limits, which is why i am giving up my friday night and saturday AM for 19 hours in the NICU, which will buy me:

β–  a new camera (the S90 i’ve been coveting)

β–  tickets to wicked for me, josh + my sister

β–  a massage (booked for march 6!)

β–  cherry juice heels

in this case? 100% worth it.

what are your feelings about time vs. money? have they changed as your financial situation has evolved? and what would you do for an extra $1000?

interesting thoughts to ponder, no? share in the comments!



workout: 6 miles, with 3 at tempo
i couldn’t do 3 in a row at 7:53/mi like i did a couple of weeks ago before my little break, but i came close, just sticking in a 1/2 mile rest interval and then eking them out. again, all on the TM @ 0.5% incline
miles 0-1.5: 8:57/mi (warmup)
miles 1.5-3.5: 7:53/mi
miles 3.5-4: 0.25 mi recovery jog, then 8:57/mi
mile 4-5: 7:53/mi
mile 5-6: 8:57/mi (cooldown)

real simple: i used this recipe from real simple for sweet potato risotto, and it was as easy as promised! lots of stirring, but otherwise mindless. and i liked the excuse to crack open a bottle of white . . .

served with a simple spinach salad with annie’s italian dressing