HL week day 3: 2010 resolutions update

March 10, 2010

health goals, revisited
of my 10 resolutions for the year, 50% of them are at least in some way health related (the full list is shown on a sidebar — placed there as a not-so-unintentional reminder to me of what i’m shooting for this year!). many of them play off of the themes i mentioned yesterday in my definition of a healthy lifestyle — while it’s easy to talk the talk, it’s not always straightforward to put all of these lofty ideals into practice.

as part of HL week, i thought i’d go through and report on progress (or lack thereof) with these goals. [and in case anyone was wondering, yes i’m still flossing! i think after something like 5 consecutive years of resolving, this habit has finally become a permanent part of my nighttime routine. so resolutions can work . . . it just might take a while!]

1. better skincare, including consistent use of sunscreen. um. i give myself a C- for this one thus far. i started off well, but began having more frequent breakouts (i think?) which basically scared me away from many of the products i had started using. my skin seems to be part 29.8 [yes, my actual age] and part 14. i may give the products i have one more shot, but if i notice this again, i’ll have to try some new ones. neither melanoma nor wrinkles are on my list of future goals, so this is important!

2. workout reform, including better integration of strength training and yoga. hmmm. i discovered earlier this year that i REALLY like yoga, especially when i mix in live classes with DVDs/audio streams. and lately, i’ve been inspired by heather‘s yoga month to really commit to regular practice. but i haven’t actually done it.

in regard to weight training, i started out well, but i’ve been inconsistent over the past few weeks. i’m STILL sore today from monday’s little workout — a sure sign i’ve lost some of my previous conditioning.

so, here it goes: i am renewing my vows to work on this resolution, and i’d like to make it a bit more specific, aiming for 2 yoga sessions and 2 weights sessions/week. they don’t have to be long or fancy — 15 minutes counts! i recognize that i need to take a balanced approach to fitness to improve strength and flexibility to avoid injury in the long run. and, i find that yoga is as good for my mind as it is for my body.

3. practice sustainable eating. this resolution was three-fold, so i’ll answer to each part:

a) eat more local, organic, and sustainable foods. while i still can’t entirely close the door on off-season produce brought in from out of town (preferably this means FL or PA rather than south america or new zealand), i feel like i’ve done fairly well with this one! i have made the switch to choosing mostly organic when at the grocery store, and making local choices when the option is available. plus, there’s bella bean organics, a (mostly) local and organic produce delivery service that we have been enjoying for several months now.

arriving at our doorstep yesterday, here’s this week’s haul of local greenhouse tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and apricot goat cheese, plus non-local but organic apples + grapefruits, and a lone random locally-made sweet potato muffin
rather than just one farm, bella bean delivers products from multiple local sources, mainly small farms and grass-roots prepared foods businesses, allowing for customization each week. we’ve been very pleased with the quality and variety of our boxes thus far, and i love the flexibility of being able to choose what we get.

b) eat slower. still a work in progress.

c) enjoy cooking and eating out by experimenting with recipes and practicing moderation at restaurants. as for recipes, i’m definitely enjoying my little monthly mini-projects! josh is LOVING march’s focus on cooking light in particular.

restaurant moderation? i could do better. particularly on the wine front. but i refuse to beat myself up too much for it.

4. take vitamins and calcium daily. i’d say i’m at about 50%. time to get this up to 100! my trick of putting the pill case on top of the coffee helped, but then i got lazy.

5. continue working on mindfulness. i haven’t embraced meditation and i’m far from achieving the title of zen master. but i think that every day that i even think about this a little bit, i am making progress on my own path toward mindful living. i realize how cheesy that sounds, but i believe that it’s true.

so there it is: my 2010 health goals, revisited! question for the day: how are you doing on your health-related resolutions, if you made any? and, any tips that have worked for you that you’d like to impart?

food bloggin’, day 2
breakfast: an ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter + banana slices. a classic, never-fail combo!

snack: mid-morning KIND bar — delicious. (i think i burned through breakfast on my AM run.)

lunch: leftover shrimp & grits, carrots — packed to go.

PM peckishness: cured by fresh strawberries

improvisational dinner of an amy’s breakfast wrap + salad, eaten while josh worked on eating the leftover shrimp & grits.

chocolate (yes, see’s again), cut in cross-section so that i could make sure it was a flavor i liked before biting in!

and, because you asked . . .
my first (but probably not last!) consignment shop purchase:

yes, it may say “prom dress” a little, but i prefer to think of it as an academy awards dress. i’m excited to wear it to the black tie wedding i’ll be going to in may!



workout: 6.13 miles outside in chapel hill, 3 @ tempo
– first 1.5 miles @ 8:48/mi
– second 3 miles (tempo) @ 8:01/mi
– last 1.5 miles @ 9:06/mi

project senior talk: i’m so glad i broke the ‘make slides’ portion into chunks. so much more manageable! here’s a little taste of my progress: