HL week day 6: favorites

March 13, 2010

things i ♥
there are many things i love about having a HL-related blog (and yes, i do consider that to be an official part of what this site is about!).

■ meeting and connecting with so many others that have similar values

■ being able to ‘talk’ about running (down to the specifics of training plans + workouts) without annoying/boring the pants off of people

■ learning from and bouncing ideas off of others

■ engaging in (respectful!) debate about health-related issues

■ staying in touch with local and far-away friends

■ the HLS (hopefully i’ll get to go again this year.)

some sites i ♥
there are so many healthy living sites that i really like, to the point where there a list here would be just overwhelming (plus, i am sure i would forget some!). here’s just a taste of A FEW of my favorites that don’t tend to get quite as as much ‘press’ as some others and that i haven’t linked to recently.

★ diana from the chic life recently hosted a wildly successful bake sale for haiti, and her blog is an upbeat testament to the fun side of a balanced lifestyle.

★ elina from healthy and sane is refreshingly frank and loves restaurants as much as i do.

★ faith from an edible mosaic features mouthwatering food photography and a wide variety of interesting-looking recipes. she has not steered me wrong yet!

★ ali from food fitness fashion has such a friendly tone and sweetness about her that i love. she demonstrates that fitting workouts and balanced eating into a very busy lifestyle is difficult but worth it!

★ GC from gliding calm has a unique perspective as a retired competitive figure skater. her meals and ‘snack plates’ always make me drool, and i love her overall zest for life. while admittedly her site doesn’t really fit into the ‘lesser known’ category, i had to mention it for its uniqueness!

★ penelope from pen at peace writes with a very honest voice and has a focus on sustainability, which i admire. also, she runs fast.

which sites are your favorites? do you tend to read mostly blogs that have tons of readers, or do you like the ‘intimacy’ of smaller sites (like this one?) honestly, i like both!


raindrops in today’s forecast aside, this is the best time to run in NC, hands down. yay!

mystery solved

i finally identified the source of all of the readers who surfed in from facebook yesterday. if this includes you, thank you for stopping by!

HL day 5’s eats: mmmmm
my most delicous menu thus far, in my opinion.

breakfast: ezekiel english muffin, pb, and banana. on a plate that fit my mood after sleeping only 4.5 hours (late ED shift, as i had mentioned)

lunch: i tested out new find, a PJ’s organics chicken burrito — pretty good!

PM snack: freaking delicious whole foods granola bar + yogurt

dinner: yet another successful cooking light creation — szechuan-style tofu, served with brown rice & broc. the only thing that would have improved this meal would have been a beer. (i didn’t drink all week because i was on backup call)

REASON #3252 why josh is the best ever:
yes, he picked this darling up for me on the way home. ♥

off to enjoy the weekend . . . this post is late-ish because i FINISHED with the bulk of my slides for my presentation tuesday — hooray!



workout: 7 miles on the TM, 0.5% incline
– 1.5 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
– 4 x 800m @ 7:35/mi (800m recovery between each)
– 2 mile cooldown @ 8:57/mi

presentation update: as above i’m almost DONE! hallelujah.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Awesome job on finishing your presentation! Jealous of your weather as well, it&#39s been rainy here for the most part. Ezekiel muffin/pb/banana is one of my favourite meals/sancks ever. SO good.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    love the skull and crossbones plate 🙂

    jealous of your perfect weather! i&#39ve got two or three days of rain ahead of me

    yay for finishing!! that must feel soooo great 🙂

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