oh, the places you’ll go

March 31, 2010

every 10 years
i went to the post office to get my passport renewed yesterday in preparation for our trip to caribbean paradise in may. besides an exercise in practicing patience, it was kind of amazing to realize that 10 whole years had gone by since i first got my little travel booklet: a symbol of independence, adventure, and opportunity.

thoughts i had to myself during this mundane activity:

◆ “hey, i look pretty much the same as i did 10 years ago. except: my hair is better, my eyebrows are better, and my face has lost a little bit of youthful puffiness. plus, i’m smiling — the biggest improvement. i should appreciate where i am today because i can only imagine what my next passport photo will look like . . . “

◆ “TIME FLIES. oh my god. was i really 19 in this picture!? and where did my 20s go??”

◆ “i can’t believe i only used this thing once! i need to get out more.”

it’s true — other than a few jaunts across the border into canada (for which you don’t even really need a passport) and for identification purposes, i only used my passport on one trip! list of countries i have been to:

united kingdom
the netherlands

yep, that’s it! have you gotten better use out of your passport than i did? where have you traveled to? and where would you go next? i am obsessed with visiting the following countries:

new zealand
denmark & sweden


link luv
a few excellent recent posts from some of my favorite writers:

♥ heather from hangrypants wrote an interesting post on her observations of her students’ school lunches.

♥ meg from be fit, be full wrote a post called thin with insecurities about embracing imperfections — or at least learning to live with them. she and multiple commenters confirmed that no, thin people are NOT immune from cellulite OR stretch marks. (i already knew that — from personal experience with the former! but it’s nice to know that i am certainly not alone 🙂 )

♥ kath’s post this morning featured an essay by matt on choosing his career path! loved his voice and his story, and his realistic take on following one’s dreams.

in the mail

thank you bora bora foods for the lovely care package (incidentally, THAT’S another place i wouldn’t mind visiting someday!). i dug into my first bar last night in the ER — the tropical sesame cranberry.
the nuritional info and ingredient list for this sweet and crunchy bar are below:

it had great staying power — probably thanks to all that (unsaturated) fat. i would have liked it a tiny bit less sweet, though. i’m looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors. bars are indispensable in the busy ER.

and, also in the mail was this exciting surprise! YES: orla finally answered my desperate pleas for attention and granted me some free stationery!

address book, composition book, and little mini-blank-books
um, april fools. only in my dreams! i actually got these nearly free, though, because i had a credit from gilt fuse and they had a sale! reader vaani clued me in (thank you!) and i picked these babies up just in time.

if you are not a gilt member and would like to be (they are an online only merchant featuring designer goods on supersale), email me! i will send you an invite.



workout: the weather was GORGEOUS and i was still sore from yoga on monday, so i switched things around and ran a bit longer rather than tackling weights. 7 miles at 8:59/mi although i am pretty sure this is an underestimation, based on landmarks. my footpod still needs recalibration after the switch to new shoes!

in the kitchen: another real simple-inspired creation! it doesn’t get much easier than this flat-out wrap filled with corn, beans, goat cheese, tomato, and salsa.



loved all of the melted goat cheese! yum.