hanging on

April 21, 2010

the ride
sometimes it’s a smooth expanse of sea, and other times it’s a choppy surf. either way, thanks for taking the trip with me!

surfing = automatic mindfulness, i imagine.
no room for distractions while riding this kind of wave. . .

after (partially) spilling my guts yesterday, this post from popular food blogger sophia resonated with me.

sophia wrote:

There are some blogs that are so full of positive energy, that you read it with a huge smile on your face. Then, there are some blogs in which the bloggers are going through some rough times, and your heart aches for them. Some blogs are funny and spunky, and you can’t help laughing out loud; others are deep and pensive, calming you down for silent meditation.

true to hybrid form, i guess it’s only fitting that this site contains a smorgasbord of all of these angles, although (thankfully) not typically all in one post.

thank you all for bearing with me as we play the waiting game. also, i WILL write about things in more detail at some point, i promise. and i will try my DAMNEDEST not to let life pass me by while we’re waiting, because there are so many fun things right on the horizon!

no, this is not another reference to this durham favorite (although i suppose now it is). josh and i watched a great movie over the last 2 nights and i just wanted to share! revolutionary road was sad, but it was riveting. it was the kind of sad that i just wanted to lose myself and wallow in. i thought the acting was impeccable, the story simple yet powerful, and (bonus!) kate winslet’s wardrobe made my mouth water.

this heartbreaking film was even in line with the happiness project suggestion to “read memoirs of catastrophe” — if you replace read with watch, anyway.

in some small way, watching the incredibly dysfunctional relationship depicted in the movie did make me feel a little bit better about our solid, loving union that is pretty much 180 degrees from revolutionary kate + leo.

this helped, too.



workout: 5 miles easy + weights

guest chef: dr. omelette in an effort to use up leftovers and keep things simple this week, i commissioned the egg expert to do what he does best.

smoked salmon, goat cheese, and caper omelette, served with a side salad of arugula, radishes, carrots, and cucumbers (my contribution)
he did a bang-up job, as always! his omelettes are so good because they are made with love . . . and butter. yum.