day off

May 8, 2010

project recovery
my goal for the day is singular: GET BETTER so that i can function on call . . . tomorrow. yes, tomorrow. i’m not sure how that happened, but perhaps the one saving grace of these call months is that they go by FAST. two days become one, and the nights at home seem to whiz by. unfortunately, the slowest hours are those between 11pm and 7am on call nights — at least for me, anyway.

but enough about tomorrow. it’s still TODAY (it always will be, right?) and instead of lamenting my current state (no voice, hacking up a lung, etc, etc, ad nauseum), i will try to appreciate it. after all, i would NEVER give myself permission to just lie around and rest all day if i were feeling my normal [somewhat jumpy, hyper] self.

now if you’ll excuse me, i have some desperate housewives and glee to catch up on.

speaking of glee, i don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed that i immediately recognized anthro‘s winter 2009 ice-capped blouse on (pregnant) character quinn fabry. (apparently, at least i’m not the only one!)



workout: none – and i imagine i probably won’t be able to run for at least a couple more days. as i’m not training for anything, for once i really don’t care. if i have to build back my base again, so be it! it’s actually rather refreshing to have this mindset.

wellness fare: this ‘dinner’ wouldn’t have flown had josh been home. but he was on call, and i am still not very hungry secondary to some sort of virally-induced cytokine cocktail running through my veins. if they could bottle this stuff and sell it, what a fabulous weight-loss drug!

except i bet it is also responsible for making me feel like utter (*$&@#.

GC-style snack plate dinner consisting of peppers, celery, garlic hummus, sweet potato chips, and some leftover caper-garlic-herb sauce from tuesday’s dinner. followed by lots of coconut and mango sorbet — an excellent anesthetic for my throat, if only temporarily.