(not) getting things done

June 27, 2010

put it on paper

= the most effective way (for me) to morph from overwhelmed/scattered mess to razor-sharp (but relaxed + happy!) productivity machine.

saturday frolic
i wasn’t planning on spending all day yesterday after my run basically just chilling out, enjoying drinks with friends, and hanging out in the sun, but that’s what it turned into.

i racked my brain and couldn’t think of any valid reason why i couldn’t spend the day doing these things, and so we did. and i have to admit it was pretty great, even if i have a lot to accomplish today!

scenes from the couch:

josh and friend n. enjoying the world cup. (all i could think of was this stuff white people like post!)

our adoptive pup:

okay, not really — major deegan (yes, that’s his name) belongs to m. and n. but we are his official triangle area babysitters. of note, i really love m. and n.’s urban apartment — it’s actually a renovated tobacco factory! we are actually thinking of moving there in a year when josh starts at duke.

while the boys hung out and watched the match, i got in some pool and elle magazine time. we then headed over to the bittersweet peds residency party — last one for our class! several mosquito bites and tropical drinks later, we headed home to crash (there might have been a strategic LoYo stop on the way home!).

productive? no.
a lovely summer day? most definitely.
i suppose it’s all in the balance . . .



workout: 9 miles (the same 9 mentioned in yesterday’s post — no i didn’t do this twice!), average 9:20/mi pace on the tobacco trail. it was HOT and i’m glad i made it!

everything else: n/a.