summer spectacular

June 14, 2010

unfinished business
i couldn’t resist the couch’s siren call after writing yesterday’s appropriately titled post. i have to say this weekend was on the exhausting side! luckily, it marks the last time i will ever have to spend time doing any of the dreaded residency “weekend duties” — shifts in the ER, call nights, days in the full-term nursery, or (like this weekend) community hospital NICU.

this is not to say i do not have weekend duties next year — but i have at least 2 off out of every 3! furthermore, when i am on, coming in to round on endocrine inpatients and consults does not tend to be an all-day activity, nor does it need to begin at the blistering hour of 7 am. i will be taking pages and phone calls all day/night as well, but can do that out of the comfort of my own home (perhaps even bed).

i am sure i’ll end up filling up tons of that time with work-related duties such as making presentations, studying, and the like. but it’s still a huge improvement! things are looking up.

oh yeah: and the unfinished business? most of yesterday’s to-do list.

■ laundry (as always)
generalized clean-up
■ 20 minutes core yoga
7-8 mile run (at the gym — i’m not trying to get heat stroke!)
grocery planning & pilgrimage
■ book HLS plane tix and hotel
■ dental insurance paperwork

i guess it was on the ambitious side for just half of a sunday. luckily, this week isn’t looking so bad — time to catch up!

summer fun
in addition to re-tackling my focus on one thing at a time goal from last week (part of my personal happiness project), josh and i are trying to add some more fun activities to our schedule for the summer. it’s so easy to get caught up in WORK mode, and our vacation revealed just how therapeutic and recharging some fun time can be.

so far, we’ve come up with:
☀ hike in lexington (stole this from kath!)
this cabaret event
☀ beach day trip (or one overnight)
☀ visit to the nasher (plus maybe the gardens? and, uhh, loyo?
☀ party! i want to throw one at our apartment.

(that little icon is supposed to be a sun, by the way . . . not sure if it translates!)

other than big trips, what fun do you have planned for the summer? i’d love some inspiration!



workout: 8 miles on the TM! this was the closest thing to a long run that i’ve done in a while — and it felt easy. yay! average ~9:10/mi pace (i changed each mile between 6.4 mph and 6.8 mph). while i’m still not quite up to speeed, i’m glad the endurance is still there to some extend. and my hip was fine.

clean eating cookthrough: josh and i have declared sunday to be fish night because it goes well with my shopping schedule (ie, the fish is freshly purchased that day and ready to go). this time, i made CE‘s arugula and asparagus salad + salmon with blackberry glaze — except i used raspberries instead (they didn’t have any blackberries at my WF!).

we loved this clean but filling salad and its fruity (but savory) dressing! served with a little bit of plain bulghur wheat (because really, i cannot leave carbs out of dinner — especially after 8 miles). i am running too late to post the recipe now, but if anyone wants it i can leave it in the comments later.

happy monday!