February 20, 2011

Charming spot. (He turns, advances to front, halts facing auditorium.) Inspiring prospects. (He turns to Vladimir.) Let’s go.

We can’t.

Why not?

We’re waiting for Godot.

— from Waiting for Godot by samuel beckett

thank you
for your thoughts and kind words in yesterday’s comments. some of you shared what has worked for you; others just made me think about things in a different light. and i am feeling somewhat more positive today.

i woke up this morning with a bit more insight and understanding: i believe that most (if not all) of my problem right now is that i just need to get out of the waiting mindset. i can see now that this repeating pattern is no more than just that — a mindset or way of thinking, rather than something real.

✔ i am waiting for a baby so that i can move on to the next stage in my life that i feel ready to begin.
✔ i am waiting for a positive pregnancy test so that i can move on with my body image woes.
✔ i am waiting for one of my grants to be funded so that i can stop feeling discouraged about starting over in the lab.
✔ i am waiting for my clothes to all magically fit and flatter me again.
✔ i am waiting to run double digit runs and train for marathons.

and while i’m waiting, precious days of my life — which REALLY by all logical arguments would be considered very lucky and very very good — are going by. i am going to work hard at changing these thought patterns and actively pursuing LIFE: AS IT IS NOW.

it may not be glamorous but there is plenty to love, enjoy, and even smile about.
obviously, i’ll keep you all posted. thank you again for putting up with me these days!

in other [unrelated] news
yes, it has finally happened. after years of living [happily, in my case] without . . .

josh finally succumbed to an overwhelming desire to watch duke basketball from the comfort of our apartment.

i just have to make sure this does not translate into new and unhealthy addictions to MTV, the food network, and jersey shore.



workout: 5 miles outside. i have stopped carrying my polar (it’s out of batteries, plus there’s no need to distress myself with super-slow splits!) but i would estimate this was 9:45/mi pace. or thereabouts.

simply recipes is simply wonderful. if you have not been to this treasure trove of a website, you should head there stat! i have never been disappointed by anything elise has ever published, and this spinach frittata was no exception.

simply delicious.

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