sunshine after the storm

February 21, 2011

good morning
and it is. hello, monday.

there is nothing to dread on this list
my hormone-fueled tempest seems to be dying down and i can honestly say i am ready to begin a new week. in fact, i am looking forward to it.

♥ this is my last full week in the lab until may
♥ the weather will be 60s+ most of the week (75 today!)
♥ i have some fun dinners planned thanks to the march issue of real simple
♥ i will get to see family + enjoy some miami sun this weekend.

i can’t quit you, murakami
yesterday, i answered a lot of diabetes pages (although none after 10 pm!). i also finished this book:

available here[and no, i don’t get any kick-backs!]
i absolutely loved this, and highly recommend it. reading murakami is like meditation for me. somehow, his writing helps me to remember that there is beauty in stillness and simplicity, and that art is all around us.

some of his books are more fantasy-driven; the last one i read — hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world — is every bit as bizarre as it sounds. i have yet to read one of his books that i DIDN’T like, but i think i prefer his simpler stories like the one above.

the only sad thing is that i’m running out! in addition to the two mentioned above, i have read:

norwegian wood
kafka on the shore
dance dance dance
a wild sheep chase
the wind-up bird chronicle
after dark
what i talk about when i talk about running [non-fiction]

there are still a few volumes left, although most of them are short story collections rather than novels. i believe there are also other novels that have not been translated from japanese! of course, murakami is still alive so there are likely to be more books to enjoy in the future, but i will no longer be able to consume these volumes one after another, which is sort of sad. i guess i will need to branch out . . . calling all murakami fans: what other authors do you love?

spiritual journey?
inspired by heather and in need of a new volume for bedtime reading, i ordered this book (on a bit of a whim) this AM:

available here
i am not necessarily expecting any ‘radical breakthroughs’, but i think i could use some focus and structure right now to help me on my quest for more mindfulness. i am not a religious person, but for me the concept of presence and the practices of yoga and meditation do take on spiritual qualities. perhaps that is part of what i need right now to broaden my perspective and to work on getting past the waiting game.

of note, i do not plan on taking part in any juice fasts or making any radical dietary changes during this program — i know the RD i am seeing would NOT approve! instead, i am going to focus on the mental aspects. if nothing else, i think it will be interesting.



workout: 60 minute dave farmar all-levels podcast at home. there is no question that these feel more challenging than the live yoga sessions i attend at blue point — more pain and much more sweat! although truly, i like both styles. i also went on a ~3 mi walk while listening to a tara brach podcast (this one, for anyone interested — thank you michelle for the recommendation!)

steak portobello + black bean quesadillas

i love turning to a magazine for a week’s-worth of recipes sometimes — not only does it helps mix things up, but it’s like a professional already did the meal-planning for me! this week i found a great series of meals in the march issue of real simple. in lieu of steak, i used sliced portobello mushrooms sauteed with black beans for the filling.

served with a spinach/corn salad with lime vinaigrette
they were great, thanks to some fancy cheddar we had on hand (our wonderful in-laws gifted us with a cheese-of-the-month club over the holidays). and really, who needs meat when you have sharp melted cheddar cheese? not me.

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