February 12, 2011

hello, saturday
i feel like last week just FLEW! part of it was having full clinic days on both thursday and friday — i have to admit that right now, i love the clinical part of my job SO much more than the basic science end. the days just zoom by!

i hope to have a productive and relaxing weekend — step 1 as soon as i write this post is to clean our apartment. some weeks, things start off pretty orderly and just deteriorate, so that by saturday we’re living amidst a big ol’ mess. this was one of those weeks.

what i WISH my surroundings looked like right now [from decorpad]
not only am i itching to make our environs livable again, but we’re having company tonight — always appreciate having that extra push to really scrub things down! i have named this little event V2 — as in vegan valentine ♥! the vibe will be: romantic, relaxing, and meat-free.

the menu so far
vegan spinach artichoke dip by the lovely and talented angela at oh she glows

baked mushroom risotto with caramelized onions (angela recently adapted her own barley version but i think i am going to use arborio rice)

roasted butternut squash & spinach salad, although i may tweak it a bit to my tastes

dessert: TBD! but i think it will probably involve chocolate. (contenders include: chocolate peanut butter blondies by mama pea, double chocolate brownies from the edible perspective — but i’m also open to any suggestions!)

veg-week, day 5
still going strong — although i admit i’m sort of ready to be done with this challenge! it did make me think a lot more about sustainability and made me realize that i DON’T always put my money where my mouth is (ie, i can talk a big game, but then succumb to less-responsible when it’s convenient — especially when eating out).

breakfast: are you all proud of me? i branched out!

just subbed some oats for that ubiquitous english muffin
snack #1: while in clinic

apple + sunflower seed butter

lunch: hurriedly consumed between patients. (sigh.)

amy’s (vegan) burrito; peppers + hummus
snack #2:

i like this flavor, but i’m kind of sick of these . . .
and then we headed out for dinner — my first foray into finding vegan sustenance outside of the confines of my kitchen!

because we had to go pick up this guy . . . (we’re dog-sitting for the weekend)

major deegan says hi. he doesn’t always look possessed.
we headed to downtown durham. a quick online search reminded me of blue corn café, a latin american restaurant that has several vegetarian options.

while they were unable to transform my favorite eggplant quesadillas into a vegan delicacy, our server recommended the empanada, which was easily customizable.

spinach-stuffed empanada + black beans & rice; fried plantains in the background
honestly, i felt kind of silly asking for the modifications! i’m sure that if i really were vegan, i’d get used to it, but i’m actually usually a low-maintenance orderer (i don’t like to ask for a lot of modifications — although i WILL sometimes request for a meal sans cilantro!).

our server was totally fine with it, though, and i didn’t even miss the cheese . . . well, not a LOT, anyway. this portion was huge, so i’ve got plenty leftover for lunch today! yum.

dessert: i had one of these dark chocolate + nut clusters x 2:

nicole, if you’re reading this, thank you for the lovely package!!
i took a chance with this one (there were no ingredient lists . . . ) but i’m pretty sure this was just nuts + dark chocolate!



yoga yikes
confession: i didn’t make it to yoga at all this week. i think i have 16 sessions left in the package i bought . . .and less than 6 weeks to use them up!

it’s time to get my om back on. please yell at me if i skip out again!

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