bring it, monday

March 28, 2011

good morning!
i wrote about the idea of a weekend [or weekday] retreat recently, and this past weekend actually felt like one. aside from saturday’s 5K, i didn’t really do anything one would consider exciting or even particularly social, but i had plenty of time to reflect, renew, restore.

i ran outdoors. i went to yoga class (x 2). i wrote in a journal. i connected with family. i listened to some inspiring podcasts. i attended a mindfulness talk by the abbess of the chapel hill zen center. i painted my toenails [the ‘spa’ segment of the retreat!]. i ate [uhh, mostly] healthy foods. and i did the laundry + cleaned the bathroom — mindfully, of course.

and while it feels wrong to assign any sort of ranking or grade to the weekend’s experience, i do feel pretty happy today. this does not mean that i want to devote every weekend to holing up and focusing on things like my breathing, but it really was refreshing.

now, let’s just see if i can take this calm and happy feeling into the work week!

40 day update
one thing i decided on was that i’m starting my 40 days over again! while i enjoyed blogging about my experiences, i think that it might be better for me to do some of the exploration in a more private realm.

as in: on paper!
i took the time to address some of the challenges i was facing during the first three weeks, brainstorming solutions.

don’t worry — i’m not going to drag you all through it a second time! however, i will give weekly recaps of the 4th – 6th weeks, once i get there.

in other news, my yoga injury feels much better despite the fact that i took two classes this weekend! i even had a few breakthrough moments in yesterday’s class [at BP with instructor crystal], holding side crow for a whole 2-3 seconds:

although so far i can only do it briefly on one side!
i had less success with bird of paradise. all in good time . . .

what did you do this weekend that made you happy?? and how do you plan to bring that feeling with you into the week?



workout: 75 minute yoga class + 5 mile run outside [9-10 min/mi pace]. it was damp and cool, but really beautiful! the little creek i run by was really rushing because of the recent rain, and a huge flock [group? gaggle?] of deer ran across the path in front of me, including some cute little baby fawns.

that’s just how i [esca]role

escarole, bean, and sausage soup: CL’s march soup-of-the-month
i thought soup season was over, but apparently not [it is exactly 33 degrees right now — and i think we narrowly missed getting snow!]. this soup was as easy as promised, and comforting, too. served with the last freezer odds ‘n’ ends of the famous seeduction bread from whole foods.