i should have paid more attention in anatomy

March 19, 2011

chaturanga chest pain?
i think i may have sustained my first yoga injury. this is slightly heartbreaking, because:

■ i really feel like the yoga classes i have been going to have been such a helpful outlet for me lately

■ i was just starting to really get comfortable on the mat

■ i have 4 classes left in my package of 20 to use between now and wednesday.

the pain is kind of a vague mild chest ache when i breathe or move around, but sharper and higher intensity when i attempt things like chaturanga. i can mostly reproduce it by pressing around where my subscapularis tendon is [i think? i did nearly fail anatomy . . .].

i am not sure whether this is something i should try to work around, or whether i need to give it complete rest. i may attend class today but do modifications of any pose that would put pressure on it. today’s basics/intermediate class is led by the owner of the studio who has a PhD in anatomy, so i may go and ask her what she thinks.

the rest of the day
let’s just consider it a mini-retreat: lots of cleaning [because lately i have NOT been putting all of those little habits into practice, despite good intentions], shopping for new clothes [because i need to feel good about myself this spring], and plenty of time to think and reflect.



workout: 30 min run (3.25 mi, 0.5% incline) + 75 minute yoga class [not that strenuous]

on fridays, we often go out, but i was too hungry and didn’t want to change out of my yoga pants last night! enter the omelette-master:

75% local omelette: bella bean eggs, tomato, and broccoli . . . plus vermont cheddar
yum. my egg obsession continues!

excavation question:

in moments that trigger reactivity, what can you do in those moments to respond better? take a walk? take a breath? remind yourself that every circumstance is an opportunity to practice equanimity?

i have a number of triggers swirling around in my head right now, so i am glad for this question today.

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