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April 19, 2011

identifying the influences
i know — this isn’t even a food blog, really. i’ve got too much else going on [obsessive list making! shopping! yoga! attempts at mindfulness!] to truly qualify. but i still read a fair number of them.

yesterday, as i was photographing dinner [which is just part of my normal daily routine like it is for any real food blogger . . .], i realized the meal we were about to eat was unintentionally vegan.

a tweak of an experience life recipe — details below
several thoughts/questions crossed my mind:

■ i wonder how many of you reading this are vegan?
[my guess: more than a handful, although i am sure i probably drive some away when i compose posts with no fewer than 3 burgers]

■ i wonder to what extent my own diet is influenced by the food blogs i know and love?
[my guess: probably significantly!]

■ i know the eating styles of some of my favorite bloggers so well that i could probably identify them by reviewing a day’s worth of photos alone.
[my afterthought: that may be true, but is borderline weird!]

poll time!
i’d be really interested to see your responses, inspired by the above:

my eating style most closely resembles . . .Market Research

the last answer is blank so that you can write in your own response if none of the others apply. oh, and my answer? i would LOVE to eat like kath all of the time, but in reality am probably more of a hybrid kath/caitlin/jenna.

signing off
all right, i’m going to see if i can make some more progress on the l’il powerpoint i mentioned yesterday!



workout: i ended up at work too late to go to yoga, and instead of coming home and pouting, i got my gym workout over with a day early. 25 minutes elliptical + weights:

— 2 x 12 squats, 25 lbs + bar
— 2 x 12 lat pull-downs, 60 lbs
— 2 x 12 seated rows, 47.5 lbs
— 2 x 12 step-ups on high bench each leg, body weight + 8 lbs
— 2 x 10 crunches on ball

coconut makes everything delicious
it’s true. we ran out of rice, so i used bulgur wheat as the grain for this meal, and i added chickpeas for protein.

coconut was involved, so . . . it was delicious! and i received no complaints from the burger peanut gallery on the lack of meat.

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