April 22, 2011

looking ahead
one of the things i am working on right now is to not spend too much time focused on any specific ‘destination’, but rather really putting my energy into the journey of life as it unfolds.

however . . . i still think there is value in thinking about where i would like to end up, so that i can make sure the journey’s direction stays true to my deepest desires! therefore, i absolutely loved megan‘s post on her own long-term aspirations.

and even though i am determined to just live in each moment as it happens, i will always spend some time thinking about my goals — whether they are for the day, the week, the next 100 days or the next 20 years.

and with that, megan, i hope you’re okay if i use your idea!

1-2 year goals [by march, 2013]
✰ i will become — or make progress on the path towards becoming — a mom

✰ i will have a relaxed-yet-productive science mini-career in the lab

✰ i will gain confidence and knowledge so that i feel full-on READY to be an attending pediatric endocrinologist

✰ i will have a job lined up for me in miami!

✰ i will have made progress towards my goal of learning to speak spanish.

✰ i will continue to live the healthiest lifestyle that works for me! i will work out with a mix of running, yoga, and weights + continue to cook healthy and fun meals.

✰ i will plan in plenty of trips to visit family + friends, and josh and i will enjoy at least one more vacation together before goal #1 comes to fruition!

✰ i will put together a proposal for a bigger writing project

5-7 year goals [by 2018]
✰ i will have 2-3 beautiful children and a great balance between work + home life

✰ josh and i will live in a modest-sized house [at least by local standards] in miami beach, decorated with plenty of clean lines and bright colors

✰ we will take 2-3 family trips together each year [i have this scheme in mind where the kids will get to choose one U.S. destination/year] but josh and i will also enjoy regular date nights off on our own. we will keep in close touch with family + friends.

✰ i will be settled into a career that i love

✰ i will begin racing/running ‘for real’ again, and i will meet up with my running friends [siobhan + emily, i’m talking to you] for destination races [big sur 2017? napa 2018?]

✰ i will have a wardrobe that is just %(*@#!@ fabulous.

15+ year goals [by 2026]
✰ i will be in the prime of my career. i will be truly making a [positive!] difference in others’ lives while loving the work i do every day

✰ i will have an amazing relationship with my now-adolescent kids [ <– okay, maybe that one is a little far-fetched . . . but i can dream, right!?]

✰ josh and i will continue to stay in close contact with family + friends — we will have a guest room in our home that is heavily used . . .especially in the winter!

✰ somewhere in the last 15 years, i will have managed to visit tahiti, scandinavia, and japan

30 minute goals
✰ i will order THIS:

scalloped sunflower lay-flat notebook, by orla kiely!



workout: 25 minutes elliptical + 25 minutes weights [deadlifts, shoulder press, pull-downs, lunges, and abs]

basically just something healthy . . .

to fill the void before our post-dinner trip to TCBY!

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