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April 4, 2011

scenes from a sunday

med school flashbacks, anyone?
in for a close-up . . .

i don’t even know what this means
because that was JOSH’s sunday, not mine.

his boards are coming up, so he is definitely the more studious one these days! instead of hitting the books, i spent my sunday:

✔ running outside in chapel hill [it was gorgeous!]
✔ enjoying a plank-laden yoga class with the lovely kara
✔ savoring a delicious omelette + BISCUIT [with blackberry jam] at watts
✔ flitting around our apartment doing various upside-down yoga tricks, wired for several hours on that second cup of coffee
✔ dropping some $$$ at whole foods. as per usual.

it was wonderful. having spent my share of sundays either hunched over books and articles or in the hospital, i really do appreciate these amazing weekends of just . . . living.

a new month
i guess april is old news by now, since it is already the 4th! but since i believe that anything ‘new’ really has to start on a monday, my april begins today.

these goals are pretty simple! and perhaps a bit more holistic and not as MICRO-style as they could be.

i will work on thinking about more quantifiable versions of each while i work out this AM. for now, though, i am going to head to the gym so that i have enough time to NOT rush into work [see goal #4], which will also allow me to appreciate the 61 degree temps and wisteria-scented breeze i am likely to catch on the way [#5].



workout: 5 mile run [slow – somewhere between 9 – 10:00/mi] in CH + 75 minute yoga class at BP.

emptying the fridge was the goal of last night’s dinner — specifically, i had some beautiful local tomatoes and brussels sprouts that were NOT going to survive much longer.

the solution?

hodge-podge [but healthy!] dinner featuring last night’s leftovers
i wasn’t 100% sure of the safety of reheating a sunny-side-up egg, but josh and i are both still alive and kicking this morning so i think it was okay.

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