May 18, 2011


crash landing?
see, i was supposed to go to yoga yesterday after work.

there’s a power/yin class at 6pm that i really like — 45 minutes of flow sequence followed by long and deep yin holds [sounds easy until you try a 4 minute half-pigeon!]. i was feeling rather tight in the hips for some reason and was looking forward to the class.

until around 4 pm. it hadn’t been a particularly tough day: i spent the morning at the lab making a giant calendar for all of my experiments [through august!] and the afternoon at the hospital, attending seminars and catching up on patient lab results and phone calls.

i attended one last required conference in the late afternoon, and by the end of it all i wanted to do was to curl up on the couch with my laptop, watching desperate housewives while catching up on my reader [yes, multitasking rears its ugly head even during leisure-time!].

and so, i did. and at the time, it seemed like the right choice. but now — muscles still tight and mind a bit foggy — i see things differently.

it’s all in the transitions . . .
honestly, i think that the part of my day that needs the most work is the transitions. sometimes i just have hard time getting from one activity to the next! this is something i would like to work on.

other times, i also struggle with things like my commute, or making dinner — things which really could be pleasant tasks if i just acknowledge them as such, without trying to rush. but instead, sometimes i find that i am so focused on getting from point A to point B that i completely lose all of the value of the ride itself!

and as we all know, that mentality is just missing the point.

just another aspect of life i intend to address during the virtual summer retreat [and by the way — LOVED reading all of your thoughts yesterday! and there’s still time to add your $0.02 to be entered to win the paper prize 🙂 ].

on the food front . . .
i just had to share two new items that i brought home from my last grocery trip.

item #1: siggi’s pourable yogurts – individual 3.8 oz size

cute as a button!
i think i am the only one on this earth who prefers liquidy yogurt to the thick greek kind [just don’t enjoy that texture!]. these are super-convenient to add to lunches, and the ingredients/nutritionals are top-notch:

i guess the only downsides are the packaging [not the most eco-friendly to use individual containers] and the fact that they are not certified organic [perhaps pesticides are used on the grass that the cows eat?? not sure!].

item #2: is dangerous.

seriously, buy at your own risk. after your first taste, you WILL want to demolish the bag.

. . . and spoil your dinner
served with desperate housewives and a heaping side of laziness, these added a little spice to my otherwise rather bland evening last night.

other odds ‘n’ ends
✔ leo babauta unveiled his 28-day habitcourse this week. sounds great . . . if you have an extra $400 lying around!

ummm i think i’ll stick to my own retreat and spend the balance at anthro + the yoga studio
✔ apparently the weather gods consulted my vacation schedule!

sun + fun officially begin on thursday


dinner looks paltry but that’s because course #1 was a million thai basil chips.

from-the-freezer soup [still good!] + chicken sausage, plus bread with asparagus pesto

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