friday the 13th

May 13, 2011

yesterday morning, blogger was down for quite a while – but i was happy to get the retreat announcement post up, and you all thrilled me throughout the day by expressing your interest! [thank you — and i’m psyched, too! stay tuned for details . . .]

however, i got an email from my dad [always looking out for me . . . and the blog, apparently] asking if i took my post down, and why.

and sure enough, a few hours later, i couldn’t see the post either. CRAZY! in my nearly 7 years of blogging [yep], this is the first time this has happened!

a little annoying, sure. i could add it to the list of things i have to complain about. [readily accessible examples: $500 of car repairs i just ‘invested’ in yesterday, the fact that diabetes clinic today is going to be a madhouse, some upcoming challenges in my job, or the lovely weekend forecast . . .]

but, really, what would be the point? why cultivate a bad attitude just to wallow in it with a sour expression?

neil pasricha’s 17-minute TED talk on the 3 As of awesome came to mind as i was mulling over these minor misfortunes on this friday the 13th:

if you didn’t have 17 minutes, his #1 “a” is attitude. and i concur.

[we can discuss the other ‘a’ attributes on another occasion — he adds awareness and authenticity, and i would also include activity, attention, and awake!]

happy things on this friday #13
* a full social calendar this weekend — a total 180 from last weekend’s hermitlike experience

* i get to spend time planning the virtual summer retreat [yay!!]

* i have my car back from its own little retreat at the VW dealership and it works! and in spite of its age and apparent frailty, i still think it is a very cute car that drives very nicely between repair sessions. also, maintenance may seem pricey but is still probably less expensive than a car payment.

* yoga + wine date tonight

* a nice long vacation is coming up [with our move!!]

* if you’re reading this, blogger came back up!

oh, and last call . . .
for the $100 giftcard to spafinder, courtesy of olay — get your last second entry in here!


workout: 30 minutes elliptical + weights [ i had been seriously slacking with the strength training, but i’m back]

wine, flatbread pizza
. . . and this:

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