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May 28, 2011

so: we’re here!

downtown view out of our window. a better shot will be forthcoming!
yes, there may have been an epic thunderstorm [complete with hail and flash flood warnings!] on our moving day — but better yesterday than 5.27.06 [for those keeping track, yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary!]

events of the last 48 hours:
★ the shipment of packing materials arrived bright and early on thursday morning, giving us exactly 24 hours to pack up all of our material possessions into boxes

★ it was a challenge, but we did it! packing up the kitchen was by far the worst part, taking ~4 hours just by itself. who knew!? it was a long day and i’m afraid i am not as minimalist as i perhaps thought . . .

what’s IN these boxes, anyway!?
★ . . . but the moving guys did say we were ‘organized’ and did not feel that we had very much stuff. so that was good.

for the move, we hired TROSA, a moving company/organization that employs former substance abusers [after they have finished an intensive rehabilitation program]. the 4 men that came did an excellent job, were super polite and nice, and the price was very reasonable. i would definitely recommend TROSA to anyone moving in the triangle area!

★ we decided spur-of-the-moment to donate our couch. buying a new couch = sure way to remind you that you are a Real Grown-up Adult now!

our new apartment:
♥ is dramatic, modern, and gorgeous. i have never lived anywhere this cool or this nice/fancy before! i will definitely show pictures, but i’d rather wait for it to not look like a warehouse filled with boxes.

♥ has one large spacious main room. josh and i are in the midst of figuring out how to turn it into a functional dining room/living room/office without breaking it up too much.

♥ has very minimal closet/storage space. the only downer so far! we are definitely going to have to come up with some creative storage solutions . . . if you have any ideas, send them our way!

♥ or, just continue to sell off everything we own on craigslist. no biggie.

now what?
we’re unpacking: “one box at a time”, says josh. we’re scheming about new furniture and different organizing solutions [a trip to the charlotte IKEA may happen very soon]. and i think we’re both filled with a new, excited energy about our new space and surroundings!

what a perfect time for this:

so excited! details for day #1 [monday] to be posted tomorrow

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