moving day draws near

May 25, 2011

t – 2 days . . .

either we’re moving or we just got back from a shopping spree at best buy
i’ll admit it: i’m starting to get a little nervous around here. sure, there’s been some healthy decluttering, but if you came over right now, the only evidence that we’re moving is a few appliance boxes hanging out on the living room floor.

# of boxes actually packed: zero

this is not entirely by choice; i ordered some used boxes and other supplies from ecobox but unfortunately, shipping was delayed (!)*$(@#&) and these materials won’t be arriving until thursday [ie: the day before we move!]

looking around, i really do believe our level of ‘stuff’ is pared-down enough so that packing up in one day should be doable. it’s a one bedroom apartment, after all!

hopefully, i won’t find out the hard way that i was wrong!

in other news
not sure how to feel about the fact that i have already ordered something to be shipped to our new address.

here’s to new beginnings, new horizons, and new yoga pants!



workout: 33 minute run in the AM. it already felt pretty warm at ~6:30 AM!

last loop take-out!?
located less than a mile from our apartment, the loop became one of our takeout standards — perfect for when the cupboards were bare or when i just didn’t feel like cooking [believe it or not, this has happened a lot over the past nearly-4 years . . . ].

standard order: gorgonzola walnut salad with portabello mushroom pizza
of course, we could still drive to the on-campus location at duke, but with lots of downtown options [many of them walkable!!], i doubt it will be as much of a staple for us. and i will miss it!

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  • Reply Christine (Merf) March 10, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    You’ll be fine. One day is plenty to pack up a 1BR. You’ll be tired when you’re done though! Putting on some new yoga pants and stretching after your move will help!

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