summer retreat: 5.30.11

May 30, 2011

this is the first post for the 6 week virtual summer retreat
tomorrow will be day 1 of this journey! as i mentioned previously, the focus for this week will be inside/out — or in other words, self-care for the body and mind. as clichéd as it might seem, i know that when i am tired and not feeling my physical best, i find it hard to really focus my energies on other important aspects of my life.

of course, i have no one-size-fits-all prescription — everyone is different in this regard! the practices that make one person feel vibrant and alive [10 mile long runs, anyone?] may really be detrimental to others. so i am not going to propose any specific goals for this week — only that you take the time to think about

■ what really works for you?

■ when do you truly feel your best?

■ what gets in your way from making your ideal health practices a reality?

the answer might be nothing – and that is fantastic! but for many of us, there may be a few things preventing you from feeling your best right now. today, the idea is to explore what these barriers might be, and to set intentions for the rest of the week [and beyond!].

journal exercise
get out your notebook [paper or electronic!] and have fun writing out what an absolutely ideal day would look like — including the mind/body practices that help you to feel your best as well as your vision of just what you would love ‘a day in the life’ of YOU to look like.

kicking it off with some classic zen habits: you’re already perfect. if you have some more time and are interested in a full-length podcast, i love tara brach‘s recent realizing true well being.

the goal today is to sit for 5 minutes [can be morning or evening]. you can aim to clear your mind [gently redirecting any thoughts that you may have] or do a more focused session, calmly setting your intentions for the day.

incorporate just one activity that you included in your ‘ideal day’ into your REAL day — today. if you can, choose an action that doesn’t typically happen for whatever reason. it can be as simple as a 10 minute walk outside after dinner or unplugging from your laptop after a designated time in the evening. and remember — it’s just for ONE day. try it on and see how it feels!

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