summer skies

May 30, 2011

good morning, durham
we may be in devil territory, but it looks like a beautiful carolina blue day out there!

our view again — finally a sunny day version!
i am so happy to be officially kicking off the virtual summer retreat today! for the next 6 weeks, i’ll have an evening post up detailing the assignments for the following day [details here in case anyone missed them]. in the morning, i will [usually] share something about what i plan to do for my own retreat experience.

this morning, i started off with 5 minutes of meditation seated on our floor still littered with boxes, and i decided to focus on appreciating the current ‘work in progress’ moment in life [rather than stressing over future details and to-do items!].

i also broke out the official retreat notebook:

ideal days: nothing fancy; everything special.
for my official retreat assignment today, i am going to improve my hydration [aiming for at least 6 glasses of water on this hot + active day]. not drinking enough is something simple that often gets in the way of me feeling my best, and as unglamorous as it is, i might as well try it out.

if you are participating in the retreat, i’d love to hear any highlights from your ‘ideal day’ journaling, and what small self-care/body element you plan to add to your day today. or, just say hi and tell me about your goals for the retreat as a whole. [suggestions are also ALWAYS welcome!]

durham restaurant review
yes, already! actually, i have to admit we actually went to bull city burger + brewery last week, but i just didn’t have a chance to share the pictures!

josh and i were so excited about this restaurant that i actually included it in 10 / 100 [list of 10 goals in 100 days – due to end 7/19].

yes, BCB&B is a burger joint — but it isn’t your average burger joint. from their website:

“The restaurant is very much “farm-to-fork,” working closely with North Carolina pasture raised beef farmers supplying beef with no hormones added and antibiotic-free meat that we grind daily to make our hamburgers and all-beef hotdogs. We work with other farmers growing vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers for pickles, and lettuce. The menu is streamlined with most items produced on-site including house made buns, sauerkraut and ketchup. We use no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and no hydrogenated oils. We like to say we are like fine dining in a burger joint.”

sounds good to me . . .and DEFINITELY to josh.

the place was lively on a wednesday night — surely a good sign!

they do brew their own beer, but wine is taken seriously as well. we did not try out the enomatic on this visit, but i definitely want to in the future!

a taster’s dream
we started with an order of the fried pickle chips, because . . . well, why not?? i absolutely LOVED these.

salty + crispy goodness
assuming you enjoy pickles, i would actually recommend ordering these in lieu of the fries which didn’t really wow either of us.

the burgers, however, were a different story . . .

especially josh’s pimiento burger. out of this world good!
i tasted this and have to admit i was slightly mad at myself for going veggie.

“joan jett” house-made veggie burger with garlic aioli
i’m not knocking this bean-based veggie burger — it was hearty and quite good! but in this case, it just wasn’t quite as fantastic as the real thing.

back to apartment therapy
starting to look less like a warehouse . . .

but still so much to do. determined to enjoy the journey!

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