how not to hurry [again]

June 10, 2011

fashion friday: a short story
enough gloom and doom — today, why not escape with a little summer fashion?

confession: i went for years [8+!!?] without wearing shorts other than for running.

the reason? i am short, and my limbs are shorter — we can sweetly refer to them as compact. my body type is much closer to retired gymnast than graceful dancer. you would be amazed at how close i sit to the pedals in the car, and when i get pants hemmed i could practically make a new pair of pants [fine, shorts] out of the remaining fabric.

last summer in striped anthro — not sure if they currently even fit, but they were cute!
then, one day a couple of years ago i realized i was being ridiculous. after all, it’s not like anyone was going to mistake me for america’s next top model in pants, so what was i trying to hide? also, that’s what heels + platforms are for! plus, it’s hot here.

pairs i’m admiring now

j. crew oxford shorts in island aqua/center>
compass points shorts, from anthro
j. crew seersucker shorts
in the square shorts, at anthropologie
summer retreat day 12: say no to the rush

okay, raise your [virtual] hand if you ever:

✔ linger a little too long over breakfast [or uhhh, blogging] and have to high-tail it to work

✔ hurry up with your work in the afternoon so that you can leave by some arbitrarily designated hour [or perhaps make it to a yoga class]

✔ drive too fast [or faster than necessary]

✔ eat most meals in less than 10 minutes

✔ often look for shortcuts or the easy way out of bigger projects and assignments

✔ get anxious when an activity is taking longer than you imagined it to [and subsequently try to move things along]

under varying circumstances, i am guilty of all of the above. and it serves NO ONE — including me! feeling rushed all day is very stressful, and quickly becomes a huge energy drain.

rushing/being in a hurry is probably my worst habit, and i would like to stop. how about you?

explore the ways in which you hurry/rush, and think about how these practices make you feel. does rushing impact on the quality of your work? have you ever thought about doing less, more slowly? is this something you would like to change, or do you feel comfortable with the current pace you are living life?

[ps: if you think the answer is no but have ever used the phrase ‘crazy busy’ to describe your lifestyle, the above applies to you. dig deep!]

✔ my absolute favorite zen habits post: how not to hurry. an excerpt:

Life as a whole is better if you go slowly, and take the time to savor it, appreciate every moment. That’s the simplest reason to slow down.

sit for 10 whole minutes today. and if you find yourself trying to rush through, gently redirect and remember that whether you squirm and itch through it all or truly relax into the moment, it’s just ten minutes.

try not to hurry at all — just for today — and see what happens. we can do it!



workout: nada. the yoga mat truly misses me, and i miss it!! i’m just thinking of this week as a palate cleanser and will be back to my usual routine on monday.

does this count as cooking?
i say no; josh said yes. [while i did throw the chicken sausage in a sautée pan, the collard cole slaw is chez whole foods].

umm . . . pretty sure martha would not approve of this tablescape.

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