new doctor season

June 22, 2011

out with the old . . .
first of all, i’d like a round of applause for THIS GUY:

because as of tomorrow, he will have finished the epic slow-burn torture that is surgery residency. [okay, perhaps that’s just how i imagine it — but no matter how you slice it, it WASN’T easy – for either of us!]

coming to an OR near you!
5 years have gone by — years filled with 80+++ hour weeks [duty hours my (*&@#], 30+ hour days, 4:30 AM wake-up calls, weekends in the hospital, late-evening phone calls, and piled-up dictations. of course, they were also filled with amazing getaways from it all, lazy nights spent recovering together at home, and the satisfaction of [usually!] having time to take good care of my overworked husband* and put something decent on the dinner table.

the most amazing part? we were happy together going through it all.

* there were exception months when he had to take care of ME, but they were few and far between. my training path hasn’t been a cakewalk, but it was [and still is] much, MUCH easier and more lifestyle-friendly than what he went through.

to josh: congratulations, baby! you really EARNED that burger, in addition to your vascular surgery fellowship spot. i love you, and you are the best.

. . . and in with the new!
WELCOME, interns!! it’s always exciting to incorporate a whole new bunch of fresh, enthusiastic doctors into the fold — and it means everyone else gets to move up a notch. [except me, apparently, because there’s no first year peds endo fellow coming in next year. no fair!]. anyway, it’s that time of year again, so i thought that i would just post a few relevant links for the perusing pleasure of anyone gearing up to start writing orders and checking off boxes in a week!

july in the hospital: things i wish someone had told ME at the start of residency

match day: zen habits for the health care professional

◼ in case you are wondering if you are the only one scared out of your mind to begin: no, no . . . you are not.

but, you’re going to do great! if your energy is there and your heart is in the right place, you will be FINE. promise.

just don’t page the peds endocrine fellow after 8 pm. i’ve heard she’s ruthless.

$100 giveaway notice!
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workout: my usual 30 minute jog — that i actually kind of like these days! works for me with the heat.

I MISS COOKING!!! . . . and eating my own homemade food. seeing my own cooking page made me jealous. someday — SOMEDAY — i will catch up in life!

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