summer retreat: 6.3.11

June 3, 2011

day 5
today, the focus is on not only caring for your body, but loving it — and forgiving yourself for any perceived deviations from perfection.

i know — i’m one to talk. i have had my own struggles with body image and self-love, particularly in the past year. but i think this is an important concept to revisit over and over again.

if you are reading this, you have eyes that see. most likely, you can walk on your own two feet. and your kidneys are filtering your blood, neurons are firing in an amazing asynchronous chorus, and your liver is performing a detox that would put any ‘cleansing fast’ routine to shame.

we are amazing, and it’s CRAZY, and it’s beautiful.

and today, i’m just asking that you try to remember that.

write a letter to yourself filled with self-compassion. in part 1, you will forgive yourself on any perceived ‘flaws’, and in part 2, detail the many gorgeous and delicious features you have that you LOVE [both inside and out].

✔ there are meditation podcasts on self-compassion at [i have not tried them, but perhaps will tomorrow!] available at

✔ i liked this blog post from body & brood on self-compassion and body image

✔ especially geared to teens/tweens is the operation beautiful campaign from blogger extraordinaire caitlin [i’ve left a post-it message before — it was surprisingly uplifting + fun!]

5 minutes focused on loving yourself — and forgiving yourself for any perceived ‘imperfections’. [emphasis on the word perceived]

as practical as it sounds, i found that taking things out of my closet that did not make me feel good really worked wonders for my self-esteem and body image. DO IT. you don’t have to throw things out; perhaps just stowing them away would work. i’m talking about things that don’t fit, things that don’t flatter, and also anything that just doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on. seriously — i dare you. go for it, and let me know how it went!

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