things i’m loving now: summer edition

June 28, 2011

summer playlist
bon iver’s self-titled sophomore release
[i’ll be seeing bon iver later this month in concert, too!]

summer fashion

just . . .pretty much perfection
summer movies

and since i know it will make josh extraordinarily happy, this one is probably on the docket as well.

summer footware

fit for walking around town
summer snax

$3 for a small with 3 toppings between 3 – 6 pm? hmm . . .
summer reading

seriously, what’s NOT to love about this season?



workout: ~30 minute run around east campus + yoga class @ BP with staci [wonderful class!!]

BCBB redo: lovely evening with former co-residents last night @ bull city burger & brewery! this time around i had a [grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic + hormone-free, local] pimiento burger, which was ridiculously delicious.

recycled picture! i didn’t bring my camera last night, but you get the idea . . .

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