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July 25, 2011

a SHUbox retrospective
after being tagged by jen and heather, i’ve been saving this little blogging exercise for the right time, and i think today is it! hello to anyone swinging by from the happiness project blog; perhaps seeing some of my favorite posts might convince you to stick around for a while! plus, this blog DOES have a little birthday coming up in the near future; what better way to celebrate than a trip down memory lane?

[disclaimer: these ‘top 7’ posts are weighted towards the past year because quite honestly who can remember what they posted about in 2004!?? not me, especially off of caffeine.]

my most beautiful post

i actually really like my post from just last week: expectations versus reality. i felt like i was pouring my heart out and i truly believe in what i wrote. i also love this projection into the future – it’s not beautifully written, but the imagery makes me happy.

glimpse of 2021? [source]
my most popular post

sadly, i only have the ability to look back to may of 2009 with my stats. i’m a little sad to see that the #1 hit-on post was taking a break. although it does make sense, since it was up for 7 days [rather than the usual 1]. #2 is thoughts on play — thanks to gretchen rubin!

my most controversial post

a big fat problem: my thoughts on the pediatric obesity epidemic. thankfully, i don’t seem to stir up too much controversy around these parts [although commenter lac is always up for a good debate! 🙂 ]

from this ad campaign
my most helpful post

well, you all would have to tell ME, right? i liked writing tips for the july intern as well as the little habits: MD style

it’s pretty much just like scrubs. really.
a post whose success surprised me

you all blew me out of the water when over 100 of you introduced yourself/came out of lurkdom in this post! it’s so much fun to know who is reading my early AM rambles.

a post i feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

well, it did get some attention, but i just wanted to give a shout-out to heather’s wonderful pre- prenatal nutrition guest post! it was really informative and i loved having her contribute with her RD expertise.

oh just look at that COFFEE!! although actually i’m feeling a little better sans-caf today! hopefully over the hump??
the post i’m most proud of

i am most proud that i came forward with my TTC struggles. it took me a long time to decide to do that, but since then i’ve received many emails from those who were really helped in knowing that they were not alone.

caribbean princess





off to start the week!
i ended up taking a ridiculous nap yesterday AM [no caffeine, remember], making this weekend probably my laziest to date. maybe ever! however, i did manage to do the three essential tasks i set out to do [laundry, grocery shopping, and yoga!], AND i read a ton of never let me go and watched the glee project. so i’ll consider it a success!

the great fundraising act
susan of the great balancing act was diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago, and her story is heart-wrenching. she is braving through it all but there are some pretty serious financial issues with getting her the medication she needs [see her blog for details]. the blogging community — led by janeetha — has put together a giant auction to raise funds for her. many great companies [and bloggers themselves] have donated goods — i definitely recommend checking it out.



workout: yoga @ BP — the planned instructor actually had an emergency and couldn’t make it, but the sub was great!

summer produce is photogenic

grilled salmon with tomato + peach salsa
i know some people are tired of the heat and are hating on summer, but i never will!!

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