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August 1, 2011

new month –> new goals
i’m keeping things pretty simple this month.

hang out with my sister it’s kind of crazy that weeks can go by without us seeing each other — she lives 30 minutes away! since we’re not going to be city-neighbors forever, i want to make more of an effort to do things together now. i would love to see her [and do something fun] at least two weekends this month.

pack better lunches the ante is up — they’re not just for me this time, but for josh, too. at UNC, he had a ‘food allowance’ built into his paycheck. at duke — not so much. and neither of us are fans of the DUMC cafeteria [at all].

if i was able to throw together boxes like this during residency, surely i can manage something better than a frozen burrito + baby carrots now.

smoked salmon + goat cheese wrap, veg, cookies!
develop reading plan and start okay, honest confession time? other than for assigned presentations, i haven’t picked up an endocrine textbook or journal article in months. i also haven’t been very good about keeping up with the literature related to my research project — instead, worrying more about the nitty-gritty of getting the previously-planned experiments done. since the goal of fellowship is to emerge with MORE knowledge rather than less than i started out with, i need to get on my reading/studying. i am going to commit to at least one scholarly reading activity/day — whether it’s a paper, book chapter, or even blurb on uptodate.

work on decreasing internet + email the online detox? not going so well. but i’m determined — i’ll keep trying until i manage to change my habits! according to good old leo b, perhaps i need a replacement habit. the TV is probably not a good option . . .

prepare to resubmit EFF grant well, that one is self-expanatory, but i’m actually glad i have to do it [sort of] because it will force me to summarize where i am with my project, outline the current progress, and actually do some reading [see above].

hot stationery news!
after yesterday’s discussion in the comments, i felt like perhaps i should just stick to writing about notebooks for a while. luckily, i came across a few exciting [to me] links on this topic just yesterday! for your perusing pleasure:

✰ so many drool-worthy items in this multiple-subject notebook post from writers bloc:

how did i not know this existed???
✰ the top 5 micro gel ink pens, from pen addict you can check out the rousing debates in the comments, and fellow hi-tec-C-lovers will be happy to know these made the list!

✰ though i clearly lead a VERY different lifestyle than this SAHM-blogger, i was intrigued by her home management notebook.

✰ this planner sort of reminds me of lisa frank stationery back in the early ’90s! and i’m not saying that to be negative; i sort of love it.

even if it’s not quite my style, maybe it’s yours??



workout: 75 minute yoga class that nearly killed me. i was modifying everything by the end, but there is no question as to whether i got a good workout.

mostly-not-potato salad: this meal was certainly healthy, but — i have to say it’s the only SNED recipe so far that hasn’t wowed me! maybe i just needed more dressing, more salt, more something.

since everything else has been FABULOUS, i’ll give heidi a free pass!

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  • Reply Samantha March 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    That planner looks amazing! I have the same planner you have but that one looks soo intriguing! I love how customizable it is and fun looking! … but I don’t love the price.

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